Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The start of the long awaited trip 9 day trip

Almost a year ago we started planning our trip to GeoWoodstock13.  Once the hotel reservations were made we slowly started the planning.  Which caches or series would we attempt and so forth.
Slowly the trip evolved from a long weekend trip and it eventually topped out at 11 days.  Eventually that 11 days would be trimmed to 9 due to family tradition but we, Nana & I, planned to have one heck of a week enjoying this tremendous hobby called geocaching.

Log for the main event
Slowly the list of major targets caches filled up until we were sure we had more than we could actually accomplish.

Log for the Early Arrival Event
The plan was simple:
1) One day travel to Hagerstown, caching along the way.
2) One day before GeoWoodstock to cache around the area and attend pre-events.
3) GeoWoodstock13 on day 3
4) Days 4 through 9 for 6 main targets caching to each target, around, and then to the next target.

Muggles at a cache
As luck would have it, it was a steady rain the morning we left Suffolk but by noon the rain had decreased to a drizzle and shortly thereafter the sun slowly peeked through the clouds.  The rain had slowed us down but we eventually made in the Berkeley County West Virginia.  WVTim and his friends, both cachers and county officials, had created another great caching series in Berkeley County.
Nana and I spent the spent the rest of the daylight hours finding cache after cache but failed to complete the series before it was time to check in at the hotel for the weekend and then find us a nice place for dinner.

At the end of Day 1 we had 15 finds including 1 event, 1 earthcache, 2 puzzle caches and 11 traditional caches.  Not bad for a day with almost 7 hours of rain!

We started early and our first stop was one of the many events on the day.  We then headed back towards West Virginia to attempt to get the rest of the series and we did accomplish all but the final - that we were saving for tomorrow!
Through the day we completed two other nice series, The Road to GWS which obviously was near the upcoming party sight and Strolling down the Pike which was a little west of the same road.
Finishing off the day with the Early Arrivals Meet n Greet before heading back to find a nice place to eat before turning in for the night.

The Day 2 totals gave us another 41 finds including 3 events, a Multi, an earthcache, a puzzle cache and 35 traditional caches.

After grabbing a quick bite of breakfast it was off to the event site.  GeoWoodstock13!!!  Our first GeoWoodstock.  What can I say other than WOW!!!

Vendors, speakers, games, historical information, more vendors, more speakers, food and last but not least... more vendors!!!

We finished up the Lab Caches, visited all the vendors one more time, listened to just one more speaker then decided to head out of the event area and grab some more caches including the final to the Villages of Berkeley County series.

GCHR group pic

GeoWoodstock13 was a great event with more than enough to do to keep you busy most of the day.  The volunteers and planners for this event did a fantastic job.

Another muggle at a cache

 The Day 3 totals added another 32 finds including a CITO, an event, a Multi, 10 Lab Caches, an earthcache, 4 puzzle caches, 9 traditional caches and of course the Mega Event.

Our next blog will cover DAY 4, the target cache and the other caches that made up the day!

As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or - - - SNAP!!!

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