Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 7 of SNAP!!!'s "GeoWoodstock13 and more" trip

For those that are just joining us, Nana & I have had this 9 day geocaching trip scheduled for almost a year with daily TARGETs we hope to do each day.  Here is a recap of the previous days.

Day 1 Target - travel to GeoWoodstock 13 - accomplished
Day 2 Target - Events prior to GeoWoodstock 13 - accomplished
Day 3 Target - GeoWoodstock 13 - accomplished
Day 4 Target - Train Trestle Falls (GCT397) - accomplished
Day 5 Target - State Game Lands #109 (GC184) – accomplished
Day 6 Target – The Spot (GC39) – accomplished

We spent last night on the Vermont side of the Connecticut River and arose early to get a good start on the day.  I will tell you now the TARGET Cache of the day was actually any one of three caches hidden in October of 2000.  One was in New Hampshire and the other two were down around NW Boston.

After our morning coffee we entered into New Hampshire.   Back tracking here for a minute (so the story later on will make sense), yesterday, just as we were entering Vermont, I heard Nana say “Oooooooo, look and all the nice white rocks over there by the river.”  I guess I should explain that in our front yard, beside the steps that lead to the front door, there are nice flower beds that Nana takes great care of.  Each of these beds are lined with rocks that she has amassed from all of our geocaching trips over the years.  For some of them, she can tell you the story of where she found it.  She can’t remember the cache - - - but she does remember the rocks!!!  Anyway, we are making our way across New Hampshire…
It did rain while we were eating dinner!
GCMYKV – Yankee Ingenuity Webcam – we love finding webcams as they are so rare now days.  Loved the little town and gave this one a favorite point.

A really nice view
GC9E – NH#1 – Mine Follies – our TARGET cache of the day.  Located in a really nice park with a lovely river to walk beside.  It did take us a few to make the find but we managed and once again, awarded another favorite point.

On the way back to the SNAP!!!-mobile I presented Nana with a choice to make.  We could continue through our list and then make our way over to New Paltz, NY for the evening – or – since we had just marked off October 2000 from our list, we could back track two states just to see if we could find Nana some “nice white” rocks she had seen way back when we had entered Vermont yesterday afternoon.  It did not take her long to say she would love to have one of those “nice white” rocks!!!

So we ended up back tracking the same route we had just traveled and as we approached near the site where we had seen those rocks, we started looking for pull off that had decent access to the river.  We eventually found a nice spot and Nana did the best she could to almost fill both big containers we had brought with us just for rocks!!

In the end it was not a very productive day as far as geocaching was concerned but it sure was as far as rocks for the front yard and now I guess she is starting on the back yard flower beds also!  We ended the day with 8 caches total - 7 Traditionals and 1 Webcam.  We also awarded 2 favorite points!!!

Day 8's blog will cover New Paltz, NY – why we made sure to stop here - - - oh, and we will cover the target cache and all the others – our trip is almost over <sob> <sob>.  So, Until then...

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa!!! - - - or just plain ol' - - - SNAP!!!

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