Monday, June 29, 2015

The LAST day of SNAP!!!'s "GeoWoodstock and more" trip

For those that are just joining us, Nana & I have had this 9 day geocaching trip scheduled for almost a year with daily TARGETs we hope to do each day.  Here is a recap of the previous days.

Day 1 Target - travel to GeoWoodstock13 - accomplished
Day 2 Target - Events prior to GeoWoodstock13 - accomplished
Day 3 Target - GeoWoodstock13 - accomplished
Day 4 Target - Train Trestle Falls (GCT397) - accomplished
Day 5 Target - State Game Lands #109 (GC184) – accomplished
Day 6 Target - The Spot (GC39) – accomplished
Day 7 Target - NH #1 - Mines Follies - accomplished
Day 8 Target - Sleepy Hollow-1 - accomplished

We really didn't want to wake up.  This was our last day of what had been a fantastic trip.  Geocaching, historical sites, plenty of Earthcaches, Virtuals, even a Webcam or 2.  We drove on the beach at Lake Erie, managed to find 2 caches in Ohio and color that state as "found".   It had been great but here was dawn of our last day.  Hopefully a few more finds before heading all the way back to Suffolk, Virginia.

We slowly packed the car and headed towards today's target cache.

But first we found this great Earthcache, GC2C1D8 Potomac Marble - an earthcache about rocks, what more could Nana want.  I can answer that, she wanted to take the rocks!  Nope, can't have that!!!

GC172 - Backyard Stash - hidden in January of 2001 this was today's Target Cache!!!  There were three parking coordinates on the cache page and I am not sure but I firmly believe I picked the one set of parking coordinates that were the farthest away from the cache!  Anyway, it was a lovely walk through the woods and we actually passed right by (within 10 feet) of parking coordinates #2 spot.  <DRAT!>   Shortly we happened upon GZ and once again, it took us far longer than it should have to find the cache.  We took the long march back to the SNAP!!!-mobile knowing we had only a few caches left on our list.

The last two caches on the list took is to a small park with a lot of history.  GC330F - Small park for a big battle is a Virtual cache in this little park.  The other cache in this same park is named after one of the Generals who dies in the battle that took place here.

Although we spent a lot of the day traveling home we did manage to find a grand total of 4, count 'em four caches today!   2 Traditional, 1 Earthcache and 1 Virtual.
Hope to see everyone at the Picnic!
Until next time...

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa!!! - - - or just plain ol' - - - SNAP!!!

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