Top Geocaches in Portsmouth, VIrginia

 This page last updated: January 30, 2023

Here is the list for Portsmouth 

top caches based on favorite points earned:

1.  GCH83K – Cannon of the Presbyterian Church
72 favorite points - hidden by ATLaS Carya
This virtual cache is located in the heart of downtown Portsmouth.

 Note from SNAP!!!: This is a great virtual !

2.  GC4WJJA –  Restoring an Urban River
26 favorite points
hidden by steve-n-kim.

 Note from SNAP!!!: A Great Earthcache!!

3.   GC5PZJP – Veterans of Cedar Grove Cemetery
19 favorite points
hidden by steve-n-kim.
 Note from SNAP!!!: Another great cemetery cache!

4. GC5PZJF - Notables At Cedar Grove Cemetery
18 favorite points - hidden by steve-n-kim

 Note from SNAP!!!: We really love cemetery caches!
5. GC6G5BZ – Take The High Road with SNAP!!!
17 favorite points – hidden by SNAP!!!
The view alone is worth the walk!!!

  2 caches tied at 6th  

16 favorite points – hidden by steve-n-kim
A nice little puzzle cache.


GC68VT5 - V.C. Andrews @ Olive Branch Cemetery
16 favorite points - hidden by steve-n-kim
A nice multi!

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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