2010 Winners of the "Coveted" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award

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2010 Winners of the “Coveted" SNAP!!!
Cache of the Day AWARD

People ask us what it takes to be a winner of the Cache of the Day Award – well…. good container, lovely scenery, takes us someplace we didn’t know of, sometimes it is getting caught by the CO, sometimes it is just how the cache hits us. We will try to keep this list up to date as we find more favorites. Please feel free to comment.

Apr 18 - GC209TV  Little Brown II hidden by seepaulgolf ARCHIVED

May 9 - GC1N1XG  Rabbit Corner by chance45 ARCHIVED

Jun 13 - GC26R64  Moo Juice hidden by Eddieandeddie ARCHIVED

Jun 20 - GCWFW5  MALLRATS hidden by Frogmen83 ARCHIVED

Jun 26 - GC19AC2  Done Eatin'? hidden by hatterasbeaches ARCHIVED

Jun 27 -GC1MYZH  Cheap Date II hidden by otherjohn ARCHIVED

Aug 1 - GC29X34  WCP - Station Bridge Access hidden by chihuahuak94me

Sep 5 - GC1MCAH  Exercise Your Right... hidden by BillHSKC

Sep 11 -GC1K4RC  Yikes! hidden by Frogmen82 ARCHIVED

Sep 17  GC2EJRW  Don't Bypass this Geocache! hidden by pinkflamingo2010 ARCHIVED

Oct 10 - GC18FRP  A Quick Pick-Me-Up hidden by BrightParrot ARCHIVED

Oct 13 - GC21TN1  Searsburg's Cemetery Cache hidden by BriGuyNY ARCHIVED

Oct 30 - GC2F07F  LostTugboat's Revenge hidden by Lost Tugboat ARCHIVED

Nov 7 - GC1N2E5  Fido's Lost: Part 4 Multi hidden by Frogmen83 ARCHIVED

Nov 14 - GC1FEZQ  Wrap It Up hidden by AllstarSS ARCHIVED

Nov 21 -GC10VAK  Just Slide hidden by Dkbekbmrb ARCHIVED

Nov 28 - GC2141G  one that got away hidden by BIGE72 ARCHIVED

Dec 5 - GCMK7N  On the Old New Road hidden by The_Fonz

Dec 31 - GC1ZD3K  Sububan Micro hidden by Leefer337

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