Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some GREAT News concerning Trackables!

Once you have been geocaching long enough, you will decide to buy some trackables.  Then you will decided to set them free into the world to see how far they can travel.  The thing is, from our experience, more often than not, they tend to disappear.  Not sure why but we have heard all sorts of excuses:  didn't realize they were supposed to put them back out, lost them, thought they put them out only to realize a year later they were in the bottom of the back pack (but still never put it back out).

After losing almost 40 trackables, we stopped buying them, except one or two real cute ones, but still we try to go to great lengths to make sure we do our best to try and get them where they want to go.    
Anyway, towards the end of our local mega-event here in Hampton Roads - The 13th Annual GCHR Picnic - I noticed the trackable area was still pretty full of trackables waiting to be picked up.  Once over there I noticed a bunch of what appeared to be the same trackable.  After reading them carefully, I realized some really nice cacher was putting out free proxies for people.

After getting home, I contacted her and got some proxies from him and then asked her some questions about what she was doing.  She answered all my questions and then gave me permission to talk about her here, where she may end up getting a little more business.  So, if you have lost a trackable or two, or maybe you are one of the lucky ones, read below to find out about proxies and how she makes them for you.
A sample of a proxy
McKenzie-Binns is the name to look up and you can do that right on geocaching.com.  Send her a message and ask her about creating a proxy (or two) for you.  After getting you free proxy, other proxies will cost you about 50 cents each,,,, yes I realize that is a tremendous amount of money but I am sure you can search the couch cushions for extra change {lol}.  She also does this in his spare time and she does have a regular job so please do not expect your proxy to hit a cache in the next day or so - give the man time - after all, million and millions of people read this blog (hah!) and they all will be contacting her for proxies (double hah!).
this note will be attached to the chain on the proxy
How many trackables have your put out?
The other side of above
Over 500 so far but 300 were for my own collection. I own over 1,500 trackables and I like keeping them in the game to travel. I hope to have 500 more done of my own by the end of the year. The problem will be finding big enough caches for them all. LOL I actually took 200 Proxies to the Block Party this year. My Inbox has been crazy since!
How do you charge for proxies after giving the first one for free?
Really I do this for fun and to add to the game. I have charged Fifty cents per Proxy Button if people wanted more. It covers what I pay for the metal button parts, ball chain and laser printed laminated tag. They have been surprisingly durable.

What made you think of putting out proxies?
There are a few reasons. I started noticing that I rarely came across a trackable in the last few years. When I stopped at a cache most trackables were MIA and I was marking a lot Missing. I have over 100 Missing Trackables myself. Since I had purchased Wearable Buttons before that came with Copies I though I would make some for my Geocaching Events too. I looked into buying a machine because in the long run it would cost more to have the amount I needed made elsewhere. I found another design that worked to make my own Proxies for my personal collection. I started offering to make some for friends, then I started adding Proxies to some of the Wearable Event Buttons, more people asked for them and here we are.
How long have you been doing this?
I have been making Proxies in general for over six years. They were the typical laminated paper kind so I could save my money for buying New Trackables of course. However they didn't get noticed much and were scrutinized often. I picked up my two button machines about six months ago and I have had a good response. My trackables get noticed and moved more now! :o)

Are there any rules, guidelines, or things that geocachers who want your proxies can do to help you and make the process easier?
*You can Get 1 FREE Proxy for any 1 Trackable you Own! MIA or NOT! Email: McKenzie~Binns through Geocaching.com with the tracking number. The Trackable must be on the Profile you contact me from. I’m trying to help more trackables get into the game. I will Grab your Trackable, make the Proxy and drop it in a cache to travel. It will be made on a 2 ¼” Button, with chain and a Laminated Tag with this info.

**If your trackable is Missing please be sure it is MIA and for at least 18 months unless you have been notified it has been destroyed or un-retrievable. If your MIA trackable re-appears in the future (It has happened years later.) you can ask the Proxy holder to discard the Proxy.

***You can have a Proxy made your trackable you still have in your possession. This way you can take the actual trackable to events while allowing the Proxy to travel in the game. If you do this, please do not grab or move the trackable as it will mess up the mileage and the location of the traveling Proxy.

****Please be sure to put that you have a Proxy traveling on the trackables page. This will help the finder so they will know what to look for. This will also help you avoid having cachers emailing you that they did not find the actual trackable.

User's Profile: http://coord.info/PR1KBPB

So there you have it.  Simple, right?  I will let you know as soon as my proxies hit the trails.

So, as always...

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Just another GREAT!! geocaching day in Hampton Roads

It was early Saturday morning (9/19) when we left SNAP!!!-land and headed out to pickup our partner for the day - alara - yes folks - it has been quite some time since Team TNA has been out on the streets, seeking those ever-elusive caches all around the area.
A beautiful view
So after picking up alara and then stopping to fill our tummys, we set out on a very bright morning in Yorktown.  It is always lovely on the beach but the sun was trying to blind all of us as we gathered the information to answer the questions on the areas newest Eathcache located right on the beach.
Nana & I near GZ
We took our time through out the day, moving from one cache to the next, moving down our list.  Yes we did log a DNF, actually two - one at the beginning of the day and one at the end of the day.

There were also several caches along the way (s
ee the details below) that we wisely elected not to attempt.  If we arrive at ground zero (GZ) for the cache and find too many people loitering around the cache, we will usually bypass the cache as to not reveal it's location to other non-cachers.  It is always better to leave it for another day than to have the cache destroyed or moved by curious on-lookers.

I tried something new with GSAK the week.  I found a really nice MACRO that is supposed to generate a list for you that will be the shorter route.  Your run the Macro, tell it where to start the day and where to end the day and it automatically puts the caches in the optimum order (even using parking coordinates if needed) to cut down on running all over the place and to minimize your driving time.  It also prints out the list so you can keep notes on it and gives you the option to print a map.  See Macro "Cache Route 3".

Our List for the day:

answer are NOT here
1.  GC602XB - Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater - hidden by Fltravelers - the newest Earthcache for the Hampton Roads area - really simple and don't forget to explore the beach area and all the stores while you are the area.
2. - GC5JRPD - YT micro - hidden by jaimjaimison - yep - our first DNF on the day but reading the logs - we were, by far, not the only ones.
alara was having fun also!
3. - GC5JRQV - Abe is watching - another hidden by jaimjaimison - our 2nd find of the day came in less than a minute and we even considered going back to the previous DNF but decided against it.

4. - GC5TRVW - Burnt Ends - hidden by the coastalgypsies - this is a rarity, a regular (and I mean a real regular) in a small wooded area.  Real easy find.
Geocaching friends
5. - GC5VPMR - Sitting Duck - hidden by gigiwoll - gigiwoll has only hid 3 caches and I think everyone one of them is well worth your time to go look for.  this was a cute little cache and our only hesitation was the fact that a muggle had his car parked right in front of the NO LOITERING sign.  To top if off - the muggle was fast asleep with his feet hanging out the window - Wish I could have got a pic of his feet hanging out right in front of the sign.  Always think of those things after the fact.  Oh - the cache - well worth the visit (of course).

6. - GC5PFXK - How the USCG Helped End Selective Availability - hidden by everplaid - another cacher that has some great hides.  A very simple puzzle and a very easy find.  

7. - GC2A496 - This little piggy went Wii Wii Wii Wii - hidden by Chihuahuak94me - Nana & I have been trying to find this cache for years but every time we come here there is a car with a muggle in it parked right at GZ.  Today, same thing, in fact, we think it was the same car as last time!  No joy here!

8. - GC5X5ZX - Squirrel - hidden by diamonddragon1 - We allowed ourselves to think to hard on this one - which made us wander around for far toooooo long.  Once I stopped thinking and just stood back and looked at the area for something different - there it was!

9. - GC5J6RV - The fungus among us - hidden by gigigwoll - yet another great cache.  This one got a favorite point from us!

10. - GC5WCA6 - Comb Bay Park #1 - hidden by Ramblin Roses 3.  Quick find for experienced cachers.  newer cachers - try not to make it so hard - look for the obvious!

11. - GC5MRVW - Read between the lines - hidden by bigpapa92 - Another cache we skipped because of an event going on very nearby.

12. - GC5HZ41 - Fle house - hidden by coastalgypsies - another very simple Park N Grab (PNG).

13. - GC62P97 - Northhampton Presbyterian Church III - hidden by Grandpa Gene - really enjoyed the short walk to GZ for a very quick find.

14. - GC5RY81 - After-Dinner Mint - hidden by kajots.  Just another simple Park n Grab.

15. - GC5VQ17 - Ozymandias, King of Kings - hidden by Grandpa Gene - decided to walk to GZ instead of driving but it was a nice walk.  We made the find quickly but this is another one that could confuse a newer cacher.

16. - GC61WJZ - Me - I gotta Home - hidden by Grandpa Gene - just another really quick park n grab.

17. - GC5Y6A8 - Sleep between Red Court hidden by Mipe7 - believe it or not another quick Park n grab.

18. - GC5VRX0 - Green Cones behind Red Circles - hidden by Grandpa Gene - we actually spent several minutes here before making the find.

19. - GC52X0G - Two Sides of the South - hidden by Grandpa Gene - we could have spent far too long here but got really lucky right off the bat.  Loved the old armory.

20. - GC5Q7EE - Buzzkill - hidden by elisachristine - neat idea at a really neat old cemetery.  Thanks for bringing us here.

21. - GC5ZADX - Just lookin' fur a home - hidden by Grandpa Gene - muggles parked right at GZ - maybe next time.

22. - GC5DNK2 - VASCIC Trail MP 0.6 - hidden by chrbundr - our 2nd DNF on the day but it was not due to anything other than tired eyes.  We tried far quite a bit.

At the end of the day we ended up with 17 finds and 2 DNFs.  Yes we skipped some others but we will be back!!!

We awarded two caches with favorite points but both of them were owned by gigigwoll:  Squirrell and The fungus among us.

At the end of the day when such conversations take place.... The fungus among us was named as the WINNER.  The winner of the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award.  Congrats!

We have updated the 2015 Winners of the “Coveted" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award  page and it can be reached by looking to the right side of the page (when at the top).

As Always...

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!

A Special Thank You...

This is probably a little late but I just wanted to thank all of the sponsors of the 13th Annual GCHR Picnic.  Your assistance with our picnic is greatly appreciated and all of us geocachers in the area appreciate everything you bring to our annual picnic.



TOM Creative Group

Space Coast Geocaching Store

Ted Hat (rhpromos)

Sacred Friends

It's All Just Trivial-Geocaching Trivia Events

Coins and Pins


and please do not forget

party Cakes N Things

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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