Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 8 of SNAP!!!'s "GeoWoodstock13 and more" trip

For those that are just joining us, Nana & I have had this 9 day geocaching trip scheduled for almost a year with daily TARGETs we hope to do each day.  Here is a recap of the previous days.

Day 1 Target - travel to GeoWoodstock13 - accomplished
Day 2 Target - Events prior to GeoWoodstock13 - accomplished
Day 3 Target - GeoWoodstock13 - accomplished
Day 4 Target - Train Trestle Falls (GCT397) - accomplished
Day 5 Target - State Game Lands #109 (GC184) – accomplished
Day 6 Target - The Spot (GC39) – accomplished
Day 7 Target - NH #1 - Mines Follies - accomplished

We had spent the night on the edge of New Paltz NY.  This particular town was on our to do list as my relatives (from many, many, many, generations ago) founded this little town.

Nana & I spent the morning touring the historical sites and then spent an hour or so walking on the Rails to Trails path that went beside the river finding a few caches.
The actual size of the gunport
The graves at the local church showed many names I recognized from my family tree.

We had visited the town many years ago and it was nice to see how well maintained the older houses were.

Notice the size of the gun port in the fort wall!  I sure hope that whomever is attacking is coming straight at us!

We eventually left town and headed out for the target cache of the day.  Southward we drove until we reached the community of Sleepy Hollow.

GCAE - Sleepy Hollow-1 - this cache was hidden way back in November of 2000 which allowed us to color another block in on our stats.  The parking cords were right on and it made really short work the walk to this cache.  Once at GZ our minds seemingly played a game with our eyes as we wandered here and there and couldn't really find anything that looked like a cache.  It wasn't until I mentally slapped myself and stopped for a minute or two before I realized I was practically standing on top of this huge geo-pile!  Voila!  The cache!  Amazing how things just seem to blend into the scenery so well.  Favorite point awarded not only for the cache but also for the amazing scenery.

A short while later we ran into an amazing cache.  I truly think this virtual amazed me the most of any cache we found on this trip.  For no other reason than the size, the huge tree, and according to the info at GZ, the largest Oak Tree on the East Coast!

GC799B - Tie a yellow ribbon - a virtual cache in Bernardsville, NJ.  If you are anywhere near this town this Virtual Cache is a definite cache for your to-do list!!!
Look at how big that tree is!  Nana sure looks small!
GCB748 - Pickletown #1 - a nice little virtual that indeed, did have us scratching our heads until we walked the park one more time and found the invisible answer that was needed to prove we were there.

Although we spent a lot of the day touring family history we still managed to get further towards home and still managed a total of 12 caches, 10 Traditional and 2 Virtual.  Not really that bad.

Papa at the tree
Day 9's blog will cover the last day of our trip - did we manage to find the target cache for the last day???  Until then...

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!
Hope to see everyone at the Picnic!
Suffolk Nana & Papa!!! - - - or just plain ol' - - - SNAP!!!

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