Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 5 of SNAP!!!'s "GeoWoodstock13" and more" trip!

For those that are just joining us, Nana & I have had this 9 day geocaching trip scheduled for almost a year with daily TARGET caches/events we hoped to do each day.  Here is a recap of the previous days.

Day 1 Target - travel to GeoWoodstock 13 - accomplished
Day 2 Target - Events prior to GeoWoodstock 13 - accomplished
Day 3 Target - GeoWoodstock 13 - accomplished
Day 4 Target - Train Trestle Falls (GCT397) - accomplished

After a peaceful night's sleep just outside Meadville, PA we arose hoping today would be as productive a caching as yesterday had been.  Images of the tunnel and bridge from yesterday were still vivid in my memory as we scoped out the first caches of the day.
Near "State Game Lands #109"
Three Earthcaches as well as a rare Webcam cache were amongst our first eight caches on the day and as we parked at the parking coordinates for GC184 - State game Lands #109, our TARGET Cache for the day.  Hidden in September of 2000, finding this cache would color in another of the few blank months that remained in our stats!
Near "Fountain of Youth"
There was supposed to be a cache right here at the parking lot be it did not take but a minute or two for us to realize that the water was just a little too high for us to attempt that one.  Bug spray applied, drinking water in hand as well as the hiking stick and off we set to GZ.  Once we arrived at GZ I realized my reconnaissance of GZ from GoogleMpas had not proven 100% accurate.  I was going to need some boots to get across this ditch.  A short time later, this time armed with boots for high water, I realized that I probably could have made it without the boots as the wet mud only extended a short ways into the brush.  I quickly made the find, dropped off some trackables, signed the log and then joined Nana back on the path.  Short simple and to the point.  My only wish was that the rest of the "Target Caches" on the trip be this easy to find.
Just one of the "Auto Art"

A short ways up the road was a truly unique cache, or should I say caches.  In reality it is a Virtual Cache but there are numerous parts to this cache.  If you are ever anywhere near Erie, PA - make sure you stop by GCJ8M8 (note: be heading west on Hershey Rd as you near this cache and parking is on the side of the road).  I will try to be really careful with the pics I post as to not give away any answers to questions you have to answer to claim the find but this spot was amazing.
and another
Since Nana & I had never cached in Ohio, we drove over to the Conneaut Harbor Sand-flats and picked up two quick caches just so we could now claim Ohio in our stats.

As we left Ohio we grabbed a couple of cemetery caches before stopping by Presque Isle to grab another Virtual.  Another Virtual cache was grabbed in the east side of town before heading to GC256F - NY State Corner, which was exactly what you think it is: a nice size stone marker at the site of the "Corner" of New York State.
The monument on Presque Isle
We managed to grab a few more caches before pulling in for the night in Cuba, NY.   As day 5 closed, we were close to Day 6's Target cache, we should be able to get it and then put some miles towards the next Target.
"New York State Corner"
Day 5's totals were: 20 total caches, 3 earthcaches, 1 Web-cam, 4 Virtuals and 12 Traditionals.
there is no telling what you will see while out geocaching!
Our next blog will cover Day 6's Target Cache (of course), the cache sin between and an explanation of just how far we will go to satisfy Nana's Rock Obsession.

As Always - - - Sat Safe & Keep Caching!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or - - -  SNAP!!!

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