Thursday, September 26, 2019

Woodbooger 2019 Review - Did you enjoy your visit to Norton?

A few weeks ago the Woodbooger Crew put together a
FANTASTIC weekend of Events and Geocaches!!!

Nana & I could not make the trip this year but
everything I have heard about the entire weekend
makes us heartsick that we missed everything!!!


The Woodbooger!!!

Reading through all the messages, emails and online
posts I have seen, it seems that everyone was, once again,
extremely impressed by everything they attended,
saw, found, bought, won as a door prize, or participated in.

The 2019 Woodbooger coin (front)
The 2019 Woodbooger coin (back)
Friday morning, the 2019 version of the Woodbooger Geoart
was published to start off the weekend!!!

The art is made up of 52 really easy multiple choice puzzle
caches that just about anyone would be able to answer without
asking alexa, google, or anyone else.  See GC8AAAH.

In less that 30 days this art has already received
more than 120 favorite points!
As the sun set on geocachers finishing up the geoart,
The Woodbooger Crew hosted the Woodbooger Cookout!

According to everything I heard, more than 150 geocachers
feasted on the meal provided by the local Norton geocachers.

From what I heard, everyone had a great deal of fun exchanging,
their favorite geocaching stories as well as a few tales
of Woodbooger sightings!!!

The MAIN EVENT came then very next morning.....
Woodbooger Geo-Trail Kickoff 2019

At approximately10AM - The brand new Woodbooger Trail
was published and the race was on!!!

According to sewwatt (one of the WoodBooger Crew)
They had about 225 geocachers ready to find the 27 new geocaches!!!
Some mighty fine craftsmanship went into creating the new geocaches
just for the event and they did not fail to please the finders.
Folks came from 13 states including Michigan, Delaware and Florida.!

Space Coast Geo-Store made a special stop in Virginia
just for the event.

To give you some idea of how good these geocaches are:
in less than 30 days, there are over 900 favorite points awarded
to the 27 geocaches that make up this trail!!!

If you like Gadget caches - this is the place to come!!!

Here is an area map of the 27 geocaches:

After a full day of geocaching it came time for all the door
and raffle prizes to be awarded.  From what I understand,
the entire community of businesses came together
and about 98% of the geocachers in attendance
walked away with a gift.

There was another event at the nearby Woodbooger grill
and the place was filled to the max!!!

The weekend wrapped up with a CITO event at Flag Rock
what a great way to give back to the City of Norton!!!

Nana & I will do our best to make sure we are there in 2020!
I am sure the Woodbooger Crew will outdo themselves again!!!


Hope to see y'all in Norton September 2020!!!

That is all for now
Till next time...

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Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa
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