2019 Winners of the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award

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Most days, if we go out geocaching, we pick the best cache we found that day and award it the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award".  This does not necessarily happen every day we go out cause let's face it: Some days, all you find are the same old thing.  

People ask us what it takes to be a winner of the Cache of the Day Award – well…. good container, lovely scenery, takes us someplace we didn’t know of, sometimes it is getting caught by the CO, sometimes it is just how the cache hits us. We will try to keep this list up to date as we find more favorites. Please feel free to comment.  Also keep in mind, these are the only caches that will be eligible for the "SUPER-COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Year award.

Here is the list of the geocaches that were named as the
WINNERS of the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award
during 2019
1/4/2019 - GC81CD9 - Lady In The Park - hidden by
MillerExpiditionCo - located in Portsmouth, Virginia

1/18/2019 - GC81WFY - Bellamy Plantation Park ARCHIVED
- hidden by Claytonrl1844
 - located in Virginia Beach, Virginia

1/26/2019 - GCXW7F - Faithful (Richmond Landmark Series)
- hidden by MissingSomething - located in Richmond, Virginia

2/3/2019 - GC18E4 - LakeSteps - hidden by JK-n-VA
 - located in Williamsburg, Virginia

3/11/2019 - GCGEM0 - Ol' Grandpappy - hidden by ponder - located in Carteret County, North Carolina

3/12/2019 - GCEFA7 - Webfargo # 2 - I saw the light - hidden by webfargo - located in Pender County, North Carolina

3/13/2019 - GC7B68N - Around and Around it Goes Again - hidden by The Alethiometrists - located in Wilson County, North Carolina

4/12/2019 - GC7BZ15 - Cache Withdrawal ARCHIVED - hidden by Rudekoolaid - located in Sullivan County, Tennessee

4/21/2019 - GC82VP7 - Caged Bison - hidden by steve-n-kim - located in Virginia Beach, Virginia

6/15/2019 - GC476Y4 - Tribute to the Halifax 7 - maintained by bigran99mammajett - located in Halifax County, North Carolina

6/22/2019 - GC106A4 - More Pieces of Eight - hidden by Sea_Dog - located in Virginia Beach, Virginia

8/1/2019 - GC1169 - Mission 9: Tunnel of Light - maintained by Moun10Bike - located in King County, Washington

8/2/2019 - GC2AD97 - HQGT: Chairy Tree ARCHIVED - maintained by Geocaching HQ - located in King County, Washington

8/8/2019 - GC1DG1T - Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier - maintained by PeanutsParents - located in Alaska

8/20/2019 - GC89AWG - # 24 Chrysler Treasures - Here Kitty Kitty - hidden by Episcodad - located in Virginia Beach, Virginia  ARCHIVED

9/4/2019 - GC5K64A - Another Doggone Cache - hidden by Parrot Cacher Mafia - located in Colonial Heights, Virginia ARCHIVED

9/27/2019 - GC82M75 - The Camino de Santiago (Frances) - hidden by Episcodad - located in Virginia Beach, Virginia

10/15/2019 - GC6VF48 - Pony Express Letterbox -hidden by ukipiper - located in Richmond County New York  ARCHIVED

12/15/2019 - GC7B7CV - Cumberland Gap Tri-State Marker -hidden by dsms99 - located in Bell County Kentucky

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