Sunday, May 2, 2021

The 1st Four months of 2021

 We started 2020 off with a BANG!!!

Then COVID hit the word!!!

We started coming out of our shells

only to be forced back home by an upswing!

We started 2021 in the same place - HOME!!!

Then Nana & I got our shots - both of them!!!

Now... we are started to get out again!!!

As it turned out - we had a wedding to attend...

in "The Keys"

A quick look at the numbers for
the 1st four months of 2021!!!

Total Caches found: 45
Traditional: 38
Virtual: 2
Multi: 1
Mystery/Challenge: 1
Letterbox: 1
Event: 2

That brought our total number of
finds at the end of April to:
Caching Days: 16
Places We Geocached:
Virginia: 29
North Carolina - 3 finds
South Carolina - 2 finds
Georgia - 1 find
Florida - 10 finds
Finds which received
Favorite Points from us

  1. GC96R7R - MMM....MMM.....Good #1 - CO is gina2771 - Located in Suffolk Virginia
  2. GC8NVK1 - Just 3 Numbers - CO is reeceoutdoors - Located in Chesapeake Virginia
  3. GC94JR5 - "Holy New Year Batman" - CO is gina2771 - Located in Suffolk Virginia
  4. GC97N9P - Don't get the wrong impression... - CO is shellodj - Located in Suffolk Virginia
  5. GC4HM57 - A BC GC at CB - CO is gkend - Located in Wilson County North Carolina
  6. GC2K37Q - Come Grow With Us! - CO is brud1 - Located in Monroe County Florida
    Finds Awarded the
    "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache
    of the Day Award:
    1. GC2K37Q - Come Grow With Us! - CO is brud1 - Located in Monroe County Florida
    New Souvenirs Earned!!!:

    Natural Wonders of the World

    Mars Rover

    The Science of Discovery: Geology

    The Science of Discovery: Rocket Science

    Map of Finds:

    Southern Finds

    Northern Finds


    To Everyone!!!

    Wear Your Mask!

    Be SAFE!

    Be WELL!

    That is all for now
    Till next time...

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    Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

    Suffolk Nana & Papa
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