2011 Winners of the "Coveted" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award

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2011 Winners of the “Coveted" SNAP!!!
Cache of the Day AWARD

People ask us what it takes to be a winner of the Cache of the Day Award – well…. good container, lovely scenery, takes us someplace we didn’t know of, sometimes it is getting caught by the CO, sometimes it is just how the cache hits us. We will try to keep this list up to date as we find more favorites. Please feel free to comment.

Jan 1 - GC25KYN  Sutton Road Cache hidden by eddie62 ARCHIVED

Jan 9 - GC298JD  Nappa by southtexas ARCHIVED

Jan 29 - GC2MXAH  Little Johnny's Paper Route: Volume 3 hidden by Nealio302 ARCHIVED

Jan 30 - GC2KJEP  HR Alphabet Soup: T is for Tidewater Trolls hidden by Tidewater Trolls ARCHIVED

Feb 6 - GC2BV14  Curse of the FTF #30 (HR Edition) - Old Taylor Rd hidden by TeamGreyhound ARCHIVED

Feb 13 - GC2N911  Come on. Isn't it ivyous? hidden by nuthouseinva

Feb 19 - GC2NPQV  Tom Hanks #4 hidden by RusandMil

Feb 20 - GC2NVDN  Land of the Free hidden by Adventure Stones Archived

Feb 21 - GC2N4ZH  Nemz' Northside Cache hidden by turnersrugs ARCHIVED

Mar 13 - GC27P9K  Cache of Caches hidden by coreyrayjones ARCHIVED

Mar 20 - GC23MCF  ONE MILLION GEOCACHES! hidden by Frogman83 ARCHIVED

Apr 2 - GC1X21Z  Looking for Mr. Smiley hidden by Mini Martin Warriors ARCHIVED

Apr 3 - GC2FG9Q  Motel Thirteen hidden by Adventure Stones

Apr 10 - GCJQQW  Mean Micro # 1 - The Chief's Place hidden by The Colemans ARCHIVED

Apr 17 - GC29W71  Hot Chocolate hidden by Mini Martin Warriors

Apr 24 - GC2P403  Cache Mobile hidden by southtexas ARCHIVED

Apr 30 - GC1ZMTQ  Roll of the Dice hidden by AllstarSS ARCHIVED

May 1 - GC2TXCY  Around the World hidden by Conker10 ARCHIVED

May 7 - GC2R4P5  Shorty - hidden by lware14

May 14 - GC1ZJFE  Panel of Judges hidden by Mini Martin Warriors ARCHIVED

May 15 - GC13XYF  HR Alphabet Soup: W for Warbirds hidden by tomcatATgod ARCHIVED

May 16 - GC2HDH5  Sivillstown Historic Area hidden by Episcodad ARCHIVED

May 21 - GC1BRZ2  Smokey's Retreat hidden by tmberwuf65 ARCHIVED

May 26 - GC2M73Q  Blanco hidden by bradleycentral ARCHIVED

May 28 - GC2HP3F  Tri-Neighborhood Community Garden of Norfolk hidden by Laurie_VaBeach ARCHIVED

May 29 - GC2V6HX  Sweet as Honey - hidden by SpikeCurtis

Jun 19 - GC2XJVB  The Roving Kind hidden by David&Patty ARCHIVED

Jun 25 - GC2YNKT  You See UMC #2 - Uzzell hidden by bdramatic ARCHIVED

Jul 4 - GC2Z3RY  The Meatless Steak hidden by carolesg ARCHIVED

Jul 9 - GC1EN4K  DMB TB Hotel hidden by DMB4Life

Jul 16 - GC2YZD1  The Pitts hidden by Team Double Tap ARCHIVED

Jul 24 - GC2RGJM  Oh No, Not Another EOTR Cache!! hidden by BillHSKC

Jul 31 - GC2Z0VB  Mother May I Log A Smiley hidden by Lacey1961

Aug 6 - GCGA43  The Mariner's Tale hidden by VirginiaSeeker

Aug 7 - GC31HBD  Between two bridges hidden by itsonlysir ARCHIVED

Aug 13 - GC2XQTF  a pile of pooh hidden by cachebunnybillz ARCHIVED

Aug 21 - GC19CYJ  Dalongestnameforacachethatwouldfitinthisspacecache hidden by steve-n-kim

Sep 1 - GC14E69  The Sands of Time hidden by CrotalusRex ARCHIVED

Sep 11 - GC323PF  Breantwood Park & Play hidden by  HuffinPuff ARCHIVED

Sep 17 - GC2W22D - ZOO-ology by tmberwuf65 ARCHIVED

Sep 18 - GC1M4XW  Garden Haven hidden by Nirvanadiver ARCHIVED

Sep 25 - GC346PR - GEO-what? by Scoopitup

Oct 2 - GC34RK2 - No Water from Here by southtexas ARCHIVED

Oct 8 - GC2D2GA -Bird Watching in Hampton Roads by GeoMunster1313 ARCHIVED

Oct 9 - GC2NQZ3 - Tom Hanks #5 by RusandMil ARCHIVED

Oct 14 - GC1MC88 - Bath, Intersections full of History by LisaandDarin

Oct 15 - GC59AF - Thousand Steps Cache by TeamKP

Oct 30 - GC33H1N -The Sky Is The Limit by Lacey1961 ARCHIVED

Nov 6 - GC2QJBA - LOG a SMiley by Frogmen83 ARCHIVED

Nov 20 - GC1R28X -Curse of the First to Find #3 (Albemarle Area) by chance45 ARCHIVED

Nov 27 - GC372B5 - Hugh Bergeron by Northrock ARCHIVED

Dec 3 - GC389TQ - For the Birds hidden by alara ARCHIVED

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