Thursday, December 27, 2018

My Apologies to all.....

Yes - it has been far too long since our last post

Nana & I took a cruise 

and then....

THE FLU!!!!!

I am still recovering

But in the next week you will see

1) The December Review

2) The List of the Top Caches found in 2018

3) The Announcement of the WINNER!!!
that is the winner of the "SUPER-COVETED"
SNAP!!! Cache of the Year 

Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Monthly Review - November 2018

It took a few weeks but Nana & I think we have finally recovered

from our recent knee surgeries (Nana's left - my right)...

We took a mini-geocaching trip the first full week of November just
to make sure our knees could handle short hikes and a little climbing
and was deemed "Fit to Geocache!!!"

November Monthly Review

A quick look at the numbers for November:
Total Caches found: 36
Traditionals: 26
Earthcaches: 6
Virtual: 1
Events: 3
FTFs in September: None

Caching Days in October: 5
States We Geocached In During November:

Virginia - 36 finds

Caches which received Favorite Points from us in November: 
  1. GC46XPJ - Traditional - Cato - hidden by Bodabud8 - located in Front Royal, Virginia 
  2. GC7M74J - Traditional - Warren Heritage - hidden by TLandCL - located in Front Royal Virginia
  3. GC5C641 - Traditional - R.I.F. 2.0 - hidden by Bodabud8 - located in Front Royal, Virginia
  4. GC4JWRD - Traditional - Sideways 8 - hidden by Bodabud8 - Located in Front Royal, Virginia
  5. GC6YJWH - Traditional - VSP Get L.O.S.T. at Lake Anna State Park - hidden by NatureGator - located in Spotsylvania County Virginia
  6. GC7R3HX - Traditional - 3 Billy Goats Gruff - hidden by Collinbmc - located in Goochland County Virginia
  7. GC7FHAJ - Traditional - Poet Society Series #41: Weaver - hidden by BookwormMSW - located in Virginia Beach Virginia

November Caches Awarded the
"COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award:
  • GC7M74J - Traditional - Warren Heritage - hidden by TLandCL - located in Front Royal Virginia
New Souvenirs Earned during November:

A peek into things ahead.

Nana & I will be archiving some of the SNAP!!! caches in and
around Suffolk to make room for some new caches.

Here is a list of the geocaches that will be archived.
IF you still need to find these - get to them
soon as they are scheduled to disappear!!!

GC2319B - Suffolk History #001
GC2XJ24 - Another P&G
GC6BBVV - Nana thinks Papa Has SNAPPED!!!
GC3XA5J - Lone Star Archery
GC3XA5J - Lone Star Archery
GC3XA3T - Can you see the "Waterfall"
GC3WVMY - Another Lone Star Cache
GC3WVM2 - Lakeview
GC3WVJF - The Hobbit Cache
GC3WVR1 - Lonestar Fir
GC3WVHX - Beauregard's Booty
GC71HW2 - Stuart - Phase I of the Minion Invasion
GC6ZD6N - Dave - Phase I of the Minion Invasion

Upcoming Events we will be attending!

Saturday – December 8, 2018 – Norfolk
Chrysler Treasures M & G #6: Chaos and Awe
Chrysler Museum in Downtown Norfolk
11AM Till bout Noon
Sunday – December 9, 2018 – Chesapeake
Tidewater Meeting
Hardee’s on Battlefield Blvd
2PM Till 4PM
Sunday – December 9, 2018 – Charles City
HD JP Geoart Kickoff Event
Cul’s Courthouse Grill
11AM Till ????
Thursday – December 27, 2018 – Chesapeake
AACC #121 - the last AACC in 2018
Pop’s Diner on Greenbrier
4PM Till 6PM
Monday – December 31, 2018 – Norfolk
Thanks 2018 Souvenir-Let's set a Resolution
Moe’s @ Ward’s Corner
1PM Till 3PM

That is all for now
Till next time...

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Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

coming soon...

Suffolk Nana & Papa
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