Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Who will be named the WINNER????

2018 Finalists!!!

First of all, we want to thank all you readers out there:
1)  those that take the time to read our blog
2) those that leave feedback or drop us a note, an e-mail
3) or those that come up to us at a meet n greet just to say Hi!
and everyone else.  

I guess a brief history lesson would be appropriate here.
In our second year of caching, while traveling back to Suffolk
after a long day of caching, we would talk about the best
geocache of day.  It didn't take long for this to develop into
The "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award.

The idea of a Cache of the year came to us in 2011.
We took each of the winners of the Cache of the Day and laid them
all out and eventually came down to 3 or 4 best of the year.

This year, just like last year and the years before,
we are having a terrible time figuring out who the winner is.

So far,  and it has been VERY HARD - we have worked on the list and narrowed our choice down a little.

 We will continue to work our list down and name
the winner with the next week!

So, here are the FINAL 13!
Note: they are listed in the order we found them.

Back in February we joined took a trip with visit our grand-daughter Juli who is working and going to school at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN.

while there, we of course, geocached around the area!

GCKB6J "Rose Station"... A lil' Tazewell history....
 - hidden by groundsquirrel & chunky chipmunk
- located in Clairborne County Tennessee

GC3Q3BR Zodiacache Series - Capricorn the Goat
 - hidden by Ol'Fogie
- located in Clairborne County Tennessee

Alex got to milk at goat near the Capricorn cache!!!
Probably the best puzzle cache we found during the year:

GC6M6JX - Denizens Of The Deep
- hidden by steve-n-kim
- located in Virginia Beach Virginia

In April we took a little trip to Senoia Georgia to
visit "The Walking Dead" area.  Of course, there was geocaching involved...

GC20 - Marooned
- hidden by Jeff Andrews (now cared for by Lakebum)
- located Forsyth County Georgia

On the way to Marooned
GC36BKD - Elvis in...
- hidden by T&Bburnett
- located in Coweta County Georgia

Back home in Tidewater a local cacher hid the area's
first Reverse Wherigo geocache - we were First to Find!!!

GC7N4FE - Smithfield's Reverse Wherigo
- hidden by chihuahuak94me
- located in Isle of Wight County Virginia

In late May and part of June, Nana & I took a 21 day road trip to
to GeoWoodstock and then added geocaching finds in 8 new states!!!

GC9F8 - Pioneer's Honor
- hidden by Ender1701
- located in Hamilton County Ohio

GC5RMA6 - Mrs. geocat's Trackamobile
- hidden by geocat_
- located in Mongomery County Ohio

GC8FBF - Stone Faced
- hidden by camp637
- located in Cook County Illinois (downtown Chicago)

GC4K4QN - There's A Bug On The Bump On The Log
- hidden by ottieolsen
- located in Thomas County Kansas

GCD672Schnurbusch Karst Window
- hidden by thehairyhillbilly
- located in Perry County Missouri

GC7B8A0 - Colonial Williamsburg - Virtual Reward
- hidden by Scottish_Calvaryman
- located in WIlliamsburg Virginia

Last but not least, in September we visited the Woodbooger Crew
in Norton Virginia for their annual celebration: 

GC7VAJT - WBGT--Tracking the Woodbooger
- hidden by Woodbooger Crew & GR8CACHERS
- located in Norton Virginia

I met the Woodbooger!
Nana & I will continue our struggle to pare this list down to a final winner.
We will try to make the final announcement within a week!!!


  1. VERY proud to have a nominee in the list!

  2. We are so very humbled as well as honored to learn that our cache is considered. The list is amazing. I would imagine the memories that accompany the caches you visited this past year have proven to be priceless.
    Thank you again!