Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunday September 23, 2012

Here is the recap of what we found (and didn't find) last weekend:

Nana & I loaded up the SNAP-mobile and headed towards Virginia Beach at 7AM.  It was going to be a long day so we made sure we had everything loaded and began our daylong geocaching trip.  We met up with jtmlam59 at their house.  Moved all our essential geocaching gear to their vehicle and started out headed south.  On the list today were numerous caches between central Virginia Beach and Knotts Island.

It was a long ride to Knotts Island and we all survived and arrived at what appeared to be an abandon ferry landing.  No one was in sight as we made a very fast grab here and enjoyed the view.

Know Your Knotts Revisited - GC108CH - a P&G
We left Knotts Island and headed north to a Battleship cache that ended up being our only DNF on the day.  Like other cachers before us we must have made it more difficult than it was supposed to be but even with a PAF hint we still could not come up with the smilie!

C8 - GCHR Battleship - GC3FBGD - DNF

We then headed to Munden Point Park.  This is a fabulous park.  Excellently maintained!  Even though this is way out of the way, there were all sorts of people enjoying the park.  Beautiful views and a very nice disc golf course.  We had an extremely fun time at this park grabbing 5 different caches including an Adventure Stones multi!!!   time to get back on the road and head north.

Lets Start at Nine - GC2K7TG - this was hard to find and we made it even harder as we couldn't figure out how to get it open to sign the log.
Its a Longshot - GC2K8GM - another cache that we made hard - got simple things up and settle down.
Flipping The Bird - GC3CGAH - Finally an easy cache - but how do we get it open (AGAIN!) - finally got it open!  Whew!!!
Munden Point - GCMQ04 - why are we making all these harder than they should be???
Lutraphobia - GC2JMFH - Finally - an easy one - or should be it be two (multi-cache)

We gradually made our way back north through the back parts of Virginia Beach grabbing caches as we go along!

Creeds Wayside Micro - GCQD2D - a quick grab as long as you have the park to yourself
Next Stop Ragged Island - GC3FT7Y - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  rated a 3 terrain but needs to be at least a 7 or 8 - needless to say we earned a DNF here.
C10 - GCHR Battleship - GC3FBFY - about as easy as they get!
Torture by bugs! - GCKAQ4 - another really nice park with absolutely no one around - nice size cache!
The torture continues - GCQ86N - the 2nd really nice cache in this deserted park!
J1 - GCHR Battleship - GC3KGDX - this one proved to be a little tricky but I just happened to look in the correct place at the correct time and made the grab
It's deja vu all over again - GC22WKM - I saw another container like this last year so when  i spotted it I knew we had it!
B5 - GCHR Battleship - GC3JT82 - you don't have to get your feet wet - of course in order to keep your feet dry you have to have the agility of a monkey!
D2 - GCHR Battleship - GC3DWEY - rather easy (phew!)
G8 - GCHR Battleship - GC3DWC7 - something is wrong here - this cache needs to have a tree climbing attribute added to its description - not sure if Nana & I had been by ourselves if we would have ever found it.  i do not mind climbing out on a leaning tree - but get rather nervous when I have to go up!!!  getting to old for that stuff (falling that is).
Beauregard's Booty - GC3KNC3 - a rather unique hide but we knew we were close as a previous finder had left a trackable hanging on a nearby tree - had to be close to the cache!
3120 - GC3VPY1 - a tricky little cache - seen this before
Come Fetch - GC3QNQX - knew what we thought we were looking for and found it!
F/A-18D Nano - GC3P0PM - it's really bad when you read a hint and then decide to ignore it - found it despite our best efforts not to!
London Bridge Between A Rock and a Hard Place - GC3TXR4 - found this out in the open - nice idea!
...and Sting Like a Bee - GC3WV1R - really nice cache - great idea - can we steal it?
Picnic and Cache - GC3N7RQ - I have no idea why this hasn't gone missing but we area sure glad it hasn't - made the grab quickly

Finally finished the day and stopped for a bite to eat.  By the time we got back home it had been a 13 hour day.  We are tired!  enjoyed the company and it is always great when you can find 22 caches with only 2 DNFs.

Caches that earned favorite points were:
Let's Start at Nine - and - ...and Stings Like a Bee - and - Lutraphobia

The winner of a favorite point AND named the winner of the "Coveted" Nana & Papa cache of the Day Award was:

Flipping The Bird - great idea - twist before the end - excellent area - CONGRATS!!!

As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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