Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tangier Island

Last Saturday, September 29th, Nana & I woke up one of our Grand-daughters early and started a 2 1/2  hour trip to Reedsville, VA.

After a nice drive we arrived at the marina for a nice Meet n Greet before the ferry left for Tangier Island.  We enjoyed meeting some old and new faces, swapping stories and getting ready for the ferry.

As the ferry left the pier we enjoyed a running commentary from the Captain and sat back and relaxed for the hour and a half trip to the island.

While our normal day of geocaching usually entails finding between 20 and 30 caches, today we would settle for 5 and only two of those are on the island.

It is a quaint little community with lots of history.  The locals were very friendly and went out of their way to make sure we had anything we needed.

Our only complaint the entire day as there wasn't enough time to see everything we wanted to see.  We rented a golf cart and made our way around the island grabbing the two caches there and then toured the island.  We barely had enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before the ferry was due to leave and head back to Reedsville.

A terrific day as far as the weather was concerned as we later learned it had rained most of the day back in Suffolk.

Stay tuned for more.

As always, Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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