Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekly recap

Yes, I know I am way behind so to catch y'all up here is a fast recap of the last week:

Last Saturday (9/15)  Traveled out to Lone Star Lakes Park and hid 11 (yes eleven new caches!!!!

Sunday (9/16) - Nana & I teamed up with alara to form Team TNA and managed to find 17 caches here in the Tidewater area.  Among the best caches on the day were:

Bowers Hill Secret - GC1Q8YH - even though we had sprayed down liberally, we still had to fight off the mosquitoes getting to and from this cache - awarded a favorite point.

Memory of Mr. Beekers - GC3VFE1 - a cute little cache that was really nice - awarded a favorite point.

Trick or Treat smell my feet... - GC36RC9 - as always, Wckd Soul hides are well worth the time and effort - awarded a favorite point and named the winner of the "Coveted" Nana & Papa Cache of the Day Award!!!

Monday - We made the 1 hour trip up to the Third "Monday" Burgers, Beer, Wings & Things event on the peninsula.  had a great time, met some new cachers and enjoyed a very good meal.

The rest of the week was taken up by that 4 letter word - WORK - bad week at work but managed to survive till the weekend!

Today (9/22) - Nana & I loaded up the SNAP-mobile and made our way back up to Lone Star Lakes Park only to realize we left most of the cache containers back at home.  Drove back home.  Drove back to the park.  We then placed eight MORE caches in the Park and repaired another.  We then decided to go back to the north end of the park and walk last week's trail one more time (just for the exercise).  Once we were on the trail we ran into a very tired bdramatic.  We made sure she got back to her car (as she was not sure where it was parked) and then started back down the trail again.

A short time later we ran into ny311fan and his son Frank.  We turned around and walked with them back to the parking area just in time to meet kesara.and.brody.  As we were all standing there talking Va_Bunch rolls up as they had also just finished the trail.  It was like a mini-Meet n Greet!!!

Anyway, that brings you up to date except for some small details - one of the caches we hid today is SNAP 100 - In Memory of Connie and Helen (our Mom's) - this cache is dedicated to the memory of both Nana's mother, Connie as well as my mother Helen.  I hope y'all like this cache.  It means quite a lot to both of us!

Tomorrow morning we are scheduled to meet up with Jim & Lynne of jtmlam59 to form Team S&M and head down to the Knotts Island area and grab some caches down there.

Some of our other geocaching plans include:
9/25 - A Southern Hello - GC3WJFQ
9/29 - M&G at the pier - GC3TYXV
10/6 - 1st Annual Beach CITO - GC3W7D9

Hope to see y'all at some of these events

As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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