Monday, September 3, 2012

September 2 - A very HOT day!

After recovering from the picnic, Nana & I picked up alara and formed Team TNA to make a caching run around Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.
We started out by quickly grabbing a letter box cache (GC3R3MJ) USMC Hearth and then proceeded to wipe out all 4 caches in the Pine Meadows area courtesy of steve-n-kim.
We then made our way over to Pidgeon Coop (GC39ZCH). We got out of the SNAP-mobile, sprayed ourselves all over and then walked in the general direction of the cache. We were just about 50 yards from the SNAP-mobile when they attacked! Thousands of them dive-bombing us. Making Kamikaze runs into our faces, ears and hair. We were swatting at them but they were just laughing at us while chomping at us with their teeth. Flies - big ones - biting flies - Nana swears three or four of them almost picked her up off the ground. This is the 2nd of September and I swear these were May flies???? Can't they read a calendar? Needless to say we sprinted back to the SNAP-mobile, making sure none of them got into the can with us. We will leave this area till cooler weather invades us and hopefully tames the wild things in the air!
The Lost Cemetery was our next stop (GC3BMZJ). This is an unusual area to see the Stone brothers graves but we made the find quickly but we left wondering if this is where the other members of the family will eventually be buried. You know the ones we are talking about, Rolling Stones, Mossy Stones, Sly Stone, Rosetta Stone, Blarney Stone, Adventure Stones and others.
We grabbed two quick caches, Home Run (GC31639) and Relax & Have a Cup of Coffee (GC2WEWN).
We made our way over to the court complex and tried two puzzle caches: Cunnunghamia Lanceolata (GC283EE) is a very simple offset puzzle. You find the sign near ground zero, get the information from the sign. Go back to GZ and then proceed XX feet at a heading of YY degrees. Simple right? Yes that part is simple, but the not to simple part is finding the container. Take my advise and go in cooler weather. It is a tricky find but we managed to find our way to the container, grab it and sign the log. It did take us a few but we managed a SMILIE!
Sister Cities Garden was an entirely different story. The simple part we got. We arrived at the coordinates, got the information from a sign, figured out our new coordinates and made our way to the new GZ. After quite a few minutes we almost gave up but I used a rare PAF (phone a Friend) and called the CO (cache owner). After talking with her we realized there had been a change to the area which changed the coordinates. We corrected the numbers but were still stymied by what must be a tough hide as all three of us came up empty. We will be back (hopefully in cooler weather)!
After grabbing several Battleship caches we made our way to Glenwood neighborhood park cache-my first cache (GC3VJDV). A nice little cache with enough info on the cache page to make the find even though the coordinates are a bit off. If you try this one and can't find it - re-read the cache page and read some of the logs from previous finders. That will help you zero in on it!
My Bark Is Worse Than my Bison (GC3JVGB) was our next cache and when we found it everyone loved it! An excellent hide, accurate coordinates, a great hint (if you need it) and a twist at the end.
We sort of cut the day short after a few more caches. It was so hot we were all dripping all over the place. I guess it is a good thing we don't melt!
Favorite Points were awarded to: GC3EZ7Q - J10 - GCHR Battleship - a tricky devil of a cache that may have you scratching your heads for a few minutes - Great Hide! And the winner of not only a favorite point but also winner of the "COVETED" Nana & Papa Cache of The Day Award: GC3JVGB - my Bark Is Worse Than My Bison hidden by SpikeCurtis - congratulations!!!
As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching! SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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