Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks & our weekend geocaching plans

First of all thanks for all the kind words, e-mails, comments, etc concerning our last post.  Appreciate all the support!!!

Saturday is a day of both cache maintenance and searching for places for some new caches.  for those of you that like SNAP caches, get ready for SNAP 82, 83 and perhaps a few more.

Sunday the current plan is to team up with fellow cachers Jtmlam59 (thus forming Team S&M once again) to attack the caches on the peninsula.  We plan on attacking the Battleship caches first and then proceed to wipe out any and all caches we can manage to get to before my tired old body forces us to quit (just for clarification - that is my body not Nana's or Jim & Lynne's).

Please don't forget the Geocaching Hampton Roads 10th Annual Picnic on September 1st over in Newport News Park.  From what I hear this just might be Virginia's first MEGA-event.  Hope to see everyone there!

As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching.

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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