Saturday, August 18, 2012

200 plus seed ticks

What a great way to start a day of geocaching....

Nana & I left the house to go switch out a container on a geocache and then look for some new spots to hide a few more caches.

The first thing that went wrong was when we got to the parking coordinates to the cache we had the new container for:  I had forgotten to load the coordinates to the cache.  No problem.... I was there back in March and then again in May hiding the cache - we should be able to find it with no problem.  HA!  This area is very thick and it all sorta looks alike once you get away from the parking lot.  After wandering around for about 15 minutes - it is definitely not here - we must have to go deeper before we head towards the river.  A short time later the second problem of the day occurred.

i looked down at the white shirt I had on and there were about a hundred seed ticks crawling all over the right hand side of my shirt.  I looked at my right arm and there are another 100 crawling around.  Proceeded to try and clean them off as best we could before trying to find the cache once again.  After about another 10 minutes I didn't recognize anything.  We headed back to the SNAP-mobile and then headed home for a long shower and a tick check!

We will do better tomorrow!!!!

As always - Be Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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