Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New spot for our blog

Welcome to the new site.  Hopefully we can keep this more up-to-date than the last site.

We have been rather busy the last few weeks caching not only by ourselves but also with alara as part of Team TNA but also with the McInerny's (jtmlam59) as part of Team S&M.

Chesapeake was our main target the last weekend as we wiped out several Battleship caches but also some stubborn caches that had been on our DNF list.

The weekend before that we were in Norfolk grabbing more Battleships and some other stubborn caches.

Papa taught a geocaching class at the Northern Suffolk Library to wrap up their summer reading program and had a room full of not only of people who had never cached but also some fairly new cachers that wanted tips and other information.

I have a meeting next week concerning geocaching and need some help.  If you know or have any pamphlets or web sites that talk about geocaching anywhere in Virginia - I need the web address or if possible the pamphlet.  I will explain more next week but please send me any and all info you can.


Stay tuned as we further develop this site and add to it (hopefully several times a week.

As always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching.

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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