Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19 - Virginia Beach

Team TNA (Tom, Nana & alara) or more commonly known as SNAP!!! and alara decided to see if the weatherman was wrong again and headed out to Virginia Beach to see how many caches they could locate.  Unfortunately, the weatherman was correct - Rain and severe thunderstorms hitting the area about 1PM.

We did start early and picked up alara at 8AM and headed up to the Shore Drive area to start our list.

E3 Battle ships (GC3EZ5F) - a very creative hide had us scratching our heads for a few minutes before we got lucky and made the find.

Smells Fishy (GC3RH66) - we all were engrossed in our hunt when a local walked up on us and decided to help us find the little devil.  A short while later we made the find and the nice man shook his head in amazement at what we had found.  He says he will help others if he happens to be in the area.

The Green Oak: A Tribute (GC3AM8J) was next and it was a quick P&G

We couldn't locate Something Smells Fishy (GC2GD0J) but it hadn't been found since April so we asked for help from the CO.

We headed over to the north east side of First Landing, found a place to park and walked to three caches in the area:
What goes up...Must come down (GC16MN2) was an excellent cache and well worth the short walk from the parking coordinates.
We continued down the path and spent quite a few minutes going in circles at You-Tube (GC1HX42) before making the find.
Going further north on the path took us to another great cache, Spike Leon Russell (GC1HWJ6).  We tried to repair some of the camo to leave the cache better than it was found.

Back to the SNAP-mobile and down the beach to OTM #4 North End (GC3JQBP) was a quick find.

Cayman Floatsam (GC1HWR8) was a cache that had been on our DNF list for almost two years - we finally made it back to the area and made the find easily.

Home, home at the Beach (GC33YM0) - another cache that someone approached us as we were getting out of the SNAP-mobile and asked us if we were "Treasure Hunters".  Seems quite a few people have been in the area.  We thanked the neighbor and assured him we didn't need help - then proceeded to make the find in less than 5 minutes.

Bridge to MOCA (GC3MDAQ) - the last time we stopped here the entire area was full of muggles and we elected to bypass it.  Today there is not a sole in the area - made the find quickly.

The clouds are gathering and sounds of thunder are getting closer by the minute but we press on.

A10 Battleships - a fairly quick find in a deserted area.

G5 Battleships - parked and walked the 0.2 miles to GZ.  Wandered around in circles - Nana walked into a gigantic spider web and the spider landed right on her GPS - the GPS drops and Nana does her Spider Dance - needless to say Nana is no longer in the mood to look for this cache - we decided to leave this area until later in the year and put a note in our database to spray down very well before going back to this one.

We grabbed the last cache of the day as the rain started - Leap to Miyazaki Garden (GC3BW55) - a very nice cache at the front of Redwing Park.  Right after we grabbed this one we pulled up the local radar and realized we were done for the day.  We are not HARDCORE (cache in the downpour) cachers as some of our friends are.  We prefer to cache when it is dry!

Caches that earned favorite points from us today were:
E3 Battleships, Leap to Miyazaki Garden, Spike Leon Russell, Cayman Floatsam

The cache that won the "Coveted" Nana & Papa Cache of the Day Award (and a favorite point):
What goes up...Must come down

Thanks for reading -

As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching... Hope to see y'all Tuesday night at the Meet N Greet

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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