Monday, July 13, 2015

Top 10 Caches in York County

With the 13th Annual GCHR Picnic fast approaching, I figured I would put together several lists detailing the best caches around the area.  Today's list will be the best caches, based on favorite points, in York County.

The red dot (next to the "Y" in York) is the approximate location of the picnic.

For more information on the picnic - click here

York County – top 10 caches 
based on favorite points earned:
Note: parts of Newport News Park reside inside York county

1.    GC1D0HG – Waller Mill Overlook – 109 favorite points - hidden by va griz.  This cache is located a short walk away from parking and is located about 13 miles north of Newport News Park.  This cache is famous for the scenery in the surrounding area.
  Note from SNAP!!!: This is a beautiful location and a tricky little hide!

2.    GC2BAF – The Cave – 98 favorite points - hidden by The-Colemans.  This virtual cache is located just east of Newport News Park on the shores of the York River.  Located in the community of Yorktown, this area is full of history.
Note from SNAP!!!: A virtual with some history - doesn't get much better than that!

3.    GC8AEF – The Lost Day – 61 favorite points – hidden by Kingsman.  This is another Virtual Cache located near Yorktown, a short 5 miles drive away from Newport News Park.  A great chance to learn a little something about the calendar.
Note from SNAP!!!: Another Virtual with history!

4.    GC34RA8 – Raiders of the Lost Ark – 54 favorite points – hidden by Scottish Cavalryman and adopted by Bad_Wolfe.  Located just south-east of the park, this is one of the four caches in the area with an Indiana Jones theme.  This multi shouldn’t take you too long to complete but there is a puzzle involved.
Note from SNAP!!!: A very nice multi - just down the road from the park!

5.    GC322EM – 403’s Boo Boo Box Hide-out – 50 favorite points – hidden by GeoMunster1313.  This could either be a Park n Grab or could leave you scratching your head!  Located about 15 miles north of Newport News Park just off of I-64.
Note from SNAP!!!: Tricky, tricky, tricky - - but a favorite!

6.  GC5CFVY - Waypoint Wayside - 46 favorite points - hidden by Kemallor.  Another gadget cache that has earned plenty of favorite points.  Cache is located less than 7 miles from the picnic.
Note from SNAP!!!: Another great gadget cache!

7.    GCGERG – The Source – 45 favorite points – hidden by Cacheola Crew.  Another Virtual cache and this one is quite a hike but can be reached from Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: A very nice hike to this Virtual cache!

8.    GC1YBHP – The Rune Stones of Hardwood’s Mill – 41 favorite points – hidden by CacheBeagle.  Be warned – this is a 5 Difficulty, 5 Terrain puzzle cache.  This is a great geocache but you might want to start working on this one now if you plan on attacking the physical cache while at the picnic.
Note from SNAP!!!: The first 5/5 puzzle cache we attempted.  GOT IT!

9.    GC2NEV0 – Tom Hanks #3 – 39 favorite points – hidden by RusandMil.  This is located less than 4 miles east of Newport News Park.  One of several Tom Hanks themed caches in the area.  A very short walk from parking.
Note from SNAP!!!: At one time there were 5 of these caches - loved them all!

10.  GC3TQ28 – Larry’s Handiwork – 17 favorite points – hidden by VA CHB.  A clever cache located right inside Newport News Park. Be warned this cache has a little trick to it but should be found easily.
Note from SNAP!!!: A tricky little cache but don't worry - help is nearby!

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!

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