Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top 10 Caches in Hampton

With the 13th Annual GCHR Picnic fast approaching, I figured I would put together several lists detailing the best caches around the area.  Today's list will be the best caches, based on favorite points, in the City of Hampton.

The red dot (next to the "Y" in York) is the approximate location of the picnic.

For more information on the picnic - click here

City of Hampton – top 10 caches based on favorite points earned:

1.    GC2V4ED – From Her Bedroom Window II – 36 favorite points - hidden by GrandpaGene.  A cute cache located in a nice neighborhood.  Located just 14 miles from Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: A very nice neighborhood cache located in a cachers front yard.

2.    GC1JVMX – You’re gonna put that where ???? – 33 favorite points – hidden by
 tax-man.  This amusing little multi-cache is located near a medical facility and is approximately 12 miles from Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: An amusing multi-cache!

3.    GCGM7A – A Grand View Cache – 29 favorite points – hidden by CraZy Cache.
This is Hampton’s oldest active cache and is located a nice walk down
the beach from parking which is about 16 miles  from Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: Be prepared to really enjoy a nice walk down the beach!

4.    GC52EER – VTCC #21: Final – 28 favorite points – hidden by Kemallor
 & cacheNquilt.  This is the final cache in a small 21 cache Geo-art located
 about 12 miles from the park.
Note from SNAP!!!: The last cache in a nice series!

5.    GC4Z16X – Hangin out in the Woods – 25 favorite points - hidden by royopokee.
A very nice cache located a short walk through some woods is located 
approximately 9.5 miles from Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: A short walk to a very nice find.

6.    GC3XVN0 – Scabbers goes golfing – 22 favorite points – hidden by Jerseyjaky1.  A traditional Cache with a unique camo.  Approximately 10 miles from Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: Nice location quick cache

7.    GC4ZAD2 – Paddlers Paradise – 19 favorite points – hidden by paddlersparadise.
This amusing cache is not hard to find.  Located approximately 12.5 miles from
Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: Very, very nice cache.

8.     GC2X218– Lows? – 16 favorite points – hidden by irish.redneck.  
Close parking awaits you as you go for this cache approximately 13 miles from
 Newport News Park.
Note from SNAP!!!: Don't let first impressions scare you!

9.     GC4GN2M – Limberakis Gerakaris – 14 favorite points – hidden by Buffalo113.  Another difficult puzzle rated at a 5/3.  Tricky but solvable and takes you for a nice walk on the beach!
Note from SNAP!!!: A tough puzzle but a great location!!!

10.   GC2FN3B – This Factory Rocks – 13 favorite points – hidden by Ibwacko and adopted by GeoMunster1313.  Would you believe this is a Park n Grab?
Note from SNAP!!!: Could be trouble here - might be missing!

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!

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