Monday, July 13, 2015

Top 10 Caches in Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk Top 10 Caches by Favorite Points

With the 13th Annual GCHR Picnic fast approaching, I figured I would put together several lists detailing the best caches around the area.  Today's list will be the best caches, based on favorite points, in the city of Norfolk.

The red dot (next to the "Y" in York) is the approximate location of the picnic.
For more information on the picnic - click here

Here is the list for Norfolk – top 10 caches based on favorite points earned:

 Note: It will take between 45 minutes and an hour just to get to Norfolk from the picnic.  Downtown Norfolk is about 27 miles from Newport News Park.

1.    GCJAQH – Love Letter – 79 favorite points - hidden by Penguincacher.  This nice little cache is located right on the downtown Norfolk Waterfront.  The scenery here is absolutely beautiful.

 Note from SNAP!!!: This is a must find cache!

2.    GCJK56 – City Limits – 75 favorite points - hidden by PA Ladi.  This virtual cache is located
 inn the heart of downtown Norfolk.  Plenty of history here.
 Note from SNAP!!!: This virtual is another must find cache!

3.    GC1CB0 – Douglas’s 5 Star Cache – 49 favorite points – hidden by Pote.  
Another virtual cache located right in the downtown area.  Hidden in September 2001
 it is one of the older caches in the area.
 Note from SNAP!!!: Another virtual that is a must find cache!

4.    GC38WDK – We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat – 24 favorite points – hidden by SpikeCurtis.
This cache is located in the Ocean View section of Norfolk which is the section of Norfolk
you enter once you cross through the Hampton roads Bridge Tunnel from the
peninsula.  A nice quick little cache almost right on the beach.
 Note from SNAP!!!: Another virtual that is a must find cache!

5.    GC51KMT – Forest Lawn: Meet The Residents – 32 favorite points – hidden by
cameramoose.  A really nice Wherigo that takes you on tour of some of the
more famous residents residing in this cemetery.
 Note from SNAP!!!: Avery nice Wherigo cache!

6.    GC3Y1B4 – MEGAsaurus DUMP – 30 favorite points – hidden by Mom&Dad2L&L.
This cute cache could be a park n grab.
 Note from SNAP!!!: A quick park n grab!

7.    GCZJ2V – Willow Wood – 27 favorite points – hidden by Eddieandeddie.
A great cache located on the water’s edge.  Enjoy the view.
 Note from SNAP!!!: Love caches like this cache!

8.    GC14JXV – A Cache for Jay Before He Croaks – 27 favorite points – hidden by seymorechase.  This 5/5 puzzle cache is located in one of Norfolk’s parks.  Enjoy the walk and the scenery here.
 Note from SNAP!!!: A great cache in a great location!

9.    GC5ACT1 – Norfolk’s Historic Triangle: Yellow Fever, 1855 – 23 favorite
points – hidden by cameramoose.  A nice multi-cache takes you to one of
Norfolk’s Historic cemeteries with lots of history.
 Note from SNAP!!!: A multi-cache that will teach you a lot about history!

10.  GC5Z6KA – Escape from Norfolk – 23 favorite points – hidden by Prytz+1.
  This is another Wherigo cache.  This one is located around Norfolk’s waterfront.
  Make sure you move fast enough to out run the zombies.
 Note from SNAP!!!: Another Wherigo cache we highly recommend!

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!

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