Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Best Geocaches in Hampton Roads

Over the next few weeks I will be generating several lists.  Each list will detail the best geocaches in each city in the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas based on the number of favorite points these caches have earned.  The main reason for these lists is to assist all visitors that may be coming to the area not only for the summer but also for the 11th Annual Hampton Roads Picnic.  Of course all the local geocachers are more than welcome to use the lists also.

So I suppose the first question will be: How come my cache is not on the list?  I am creating these lists straight from using GSAK to sort out only those caches in each city with the most favorite points.  I plan on putting out a list for each city in the area i.e., Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Hampton, etc plus a list for York county and one for within “X” miles of ground zero for the picnic.

Favorite Points, what are they?  If you are a premium member on you earn 1 favorite point for every 10 caches you find.  In turn, you can award these points back to those caches that strike you as interesting, or to just say “Thank You” to a cache owner who has placed a cache that you really like.  As some of you know, most days Nana & I go out caching we award a favorite point to each cache that take us some place interesting or teaches us something new.  It could be the scenery involved around the cache, it could be a historical cache, or it could be it made us fall on the ground laughing.  Whatever, you can award favorite points to any cache you have found.  Additionally, Nana & I usually pick one really outstanding cache for that day and award it the “COVETED” SNAP Cache of the Day Award.   Not only does it get a favorite point but all winners of the award are listed (by year) on our blog:

Another use for favorite points is you can filter for particular caches in an area.  Nana & I recently took a trip up to Harrisonburg, VA.  As I was getting our list of target caches ready for the trip, I searched a 20 miles radius of Harrisonburg and selected only those caches with 10 or more favorite points!  

By creating these lists I hope to help those coming to the area find the Best Caches in the Hampton Roads area!!!

Stay tuned…
As Always – Stay Safe & Keep caching!!!

SNAP!!! – Suffolk Nana & Papa

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