Friday, June 7, 2013

An open letter to garmin...

For today's blog I thought I would share with all of you an open letter to Garmin.  I did try to send it to them but their support page is far too confusing if you just want to let them know something and don't really have a problem.  I wrote the email because of something that happened while geocaching last weekend in the Harrisonburg area of Virginia.

Anyway - for your reading and hopefully amusement.

Dear Garmin Support,

My wife and I geocache under the name SNAP!!!  We have been geocaching for 4 years and have always loved your devices.  We started out with a Garmin eTrex and after about 6 months purchased a Garmin Oregon 400t.  A short while later we purchased another Oregon 400t so we both could enjoy the features such as the touch screen and the paperless caching.  About a year after that we purchased a Nuvi265W to aid us in our navigating, specifically from cache to cache.   We have always enjoyed using your devices but last weekend we almost had an accident due to something the Nuvi uttered while we were going to a cache.  I am writing this email to make you aware of the problem and hopefully you can arrange a patch to prevent what happened to us from happening to others.

I should first explain that we load our GPS units via a GSAK, specifically a GSAK macro.  For the Nuvi, we use a macro that allows the Nuvi to say the name of the cache in lieu of the GC Code.  In other words, instead of the Nuvi stating "You are approaching GC2QH8M" it now states "You are approaching You Rock!"

We were in the Harrisonburg, Virginia area recently and we were headed to a cache titled: "The ABC's Of Geocaching: P is for Park."  As we made the last turn towards the cache, instead of our Nuvi proudly stating "Approaching on right in 0.2 miles, The ABC's of Geocaching..." it stated: "Approaching on right in 0.2 miles,  The ABC's of Geo Ka Ching.... (similar to the sound a cash register used to make).  Needless to say I burst out laughing so hard I nearly lost control of our car, drove into a field and almost hit a cow. 

I know there are other uses for a Garmin device, but I would have thought "Shirley" (our pet name for the Nuvi), should and could be able to properly pronounce "Geocaching" being as that is one of it's main uses!!!

Seriously, I do not expect a patch or fix for this issue - just thought you would enjoy the laugh!!!!


SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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  1. That falls into the same category as "Kids say the darn-est things!"