Monday, June 24, 2013

3 of the perils of geocaching... all in one weekend!

Peril #1 - TICKS!!!
This continues to be a terrible  year for ticks.  It seems that all you have to do is think about going in the woods and the ticks are attracted to you!  Last week I went to check on a cache.  Now admittedly, it is deep in a park.  I sprayed down and then hiked the mile or so to the cache, stayed on the trail the entire time.  I got to the cache and did maintenance, got immediately back on the trail, and headed straight back to the parking area.  Tick check time.... 4 ticks!!!  Later at home we found several more!  Be careful out there and be sure to use your favorite spray!

Peril #2 - DOGS (or should I say apathetic dog owners)
This was a first for us in over 4 years of caching.  Saturday we were at a very large park in Virginia Beach.  After finding the cache we made our way back out of the woods.  Upon exiting the woods we noticed a man and his two dogs about 60 yards away.  The pit bull mixed dog immediately took off straight for us!  Barking, snarling, and generally acting like a Tasmanian Devil from the cartoons, the dog made sure we understood in no uncertain terms that we were to stand still.  So we did!  The four of us stood still while the dog's owner slowly made his way closer and closer.  I for one wanted him to move at a much faster pace but he was not concerned in the least that his dog was frothing all over himself in anticipation of a fine meal.  After far to many minutes the dog's owner finally got control of his dog while maintaining his "there is no leash law in Virginia" attitude. Needless to say we did not part ways on the best of terms but all four of us did leave with all of parts intact!

Peril #3 - Irate Land Owners
Sunday we were down in North Carolina doing some country caching.  There was a fairly new series we wanted to try and find.  We pulled up to one of the caches, two of us crossed a ditch and were standing beside a telephone pole retrieving the cache when I here a pick up truck pull up and someone yell something.  I look up and there is a very upset farmer questioning our motives.  As the wife, who had stayed at the SNAP-mobile tried to explain geocaching to him, he kept yelling about this being his property, being tired of all these people being on his property and to get moving!!!!  As we started to leave the now extremely upset farmer told us to take the container and get moving.  Get those feet-a-moving.  You're not moving fast enough!!!

Ain't Caching fun!!!

As always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa



  1. I for one recommend this in regards to the "loose dog and uncaring dog owner"..

    Carry (out in the open) a huge knife. Knifes as long as they (REGARDLESS OF LENGTH OF BLADE) are out and visible you do not need ANY FORM OF legal documentation.

    YOU PULL out a huge knife ( I have to put a plug into the SOG *** see one of my pictures) and just STAND THERE with the weapon out... the owner of the dog will I guarentee come really fast ...its safer, your ready and PREPARED for any type of attack never know what a "terriotorial dog will do"...

    And finally remember ALL DOGS will jump to attack (unless they are a trained police/ security dog). So they jump and will ultimately go for your throat area, and will KNOCK you down, so knowing this ... prepare yourself first hand for that type of attack. Weak arm forward, strong with (weapon) braced and readied to fall backwards to .... welll....slit open the abdomen...and that my friends is what I learned in SEAR school ...

    1. You could also in a dire situation with no SOG(lol) Offer your weak arm, when taken throw your strong arm to the other side of the neck and throw the weak arm forward and your strong arm back. Incapacitating the attacking K9.

  2. Sorry you had a rough weekend SNAP! Happy Caching