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Part 4 - Annual Geocaching Trip - 2018 version

For those that missed the previous parts - here are some links!!!
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Day 10 - May 27

Agenda for the day: 
Now that GeoWoodstock 2018 is in our rear view mirror,
it is time to start the real part of the trip!!!
How many new states can we add before heading back home???

This by far is the most ambitious trip Nana & I have
ever planned.  So - off we go!!!

We got up up, loaded up the SNAP!!!-mobile and headed North!!!

As we headed out of the Cincinnati area, I decided to surprise Nana and make one quick stop - just for her!!!
Our last stop on our way out of Cincinnati - a Donut Shop!
After putting a dent in Nana's Donut craving we headed
 towards one of the most popular caches in the State!

A detour took around a closed road but once we pulled
up, we took a glance around and realized this was a
 cache worthy of over 200 favorite points!!!

Yes - this is the cache container!!!
One for SWAG & the other for trackables!
WOW!!! - What a great find!!!

In late morning we pulled into a rest area and met a really
nice caching couple - the geogearheads!!!  We were trading
items and exchanging stories when up walks a familiar face!!!
Grandpa Gene - last we saw him was a GeoWoodstock!!!

The SNAP!!!-mobile near the Wright Flyer!
Mid-afternoon we happened upon another targeted cache -
The Tri-State Marker which marks the intersection of
Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

After finding the marker, I was stepping out of the brush with the container for "3 States, 1 Cache" when a caravan of vehicles brought a cloud of dust down the gravel road.  3 or 4 vehicles and about 8 cachers were looking for the same two geocaches we had
just marked off our list.

Nana even found a painter rock hiding behind the marker
We exchanged SWAG, pathtags and other SWAG as well as some stories.  A short while later we said our goodbyes and headed towards the west once again. 

We settled in for the night in Fremont Indiana

Finds with the most favorite points: 
GC2018 - Tristate Marker - Virtual - 454 Favorite points
GC6NKZM - Neapolitan Ice Cream - 287 Favorite points
GC5RMA6 - Mrs. geocat's Trackamobile - 204 Favorite points
GCAF03 - Nancy Drew Mystery - 199 Favorite points
GC3499B - 3 States, 1 Cache - 168 Favorite points
GC3PZQB - Buffet TB Hotel - 149 Favorite points
GCBF60 - Wright-Flyer III - 138 Favorite points
GC1Q5Y2 - Midwest Motel & Travelbug Hotel on I-80
Turnpike - 131 Favorite points

We awarded Favorite points to:
GC5RMA6 - Mrs. geocat's Trackamobile
GC3PZQB - Buffet TB Hotel
GC6NKZM - Neapolitan Ice Cream

Winner of the "COVETED" SNAP!!!
Cache of the Day Award (and, of course, a favorite point):
GC5RMA6 - Mrs. geocat's Trackamobile

States Cached:
Michigan (new state for us)

Total Finds Day 10 = 12

Types of Finds Day 10
Traditional - 8
Virtual - 3
Unknown (Challenge) - 1

Total Finds for Trip - 196

Day 11 - May 28

Looking at the list of upcoming caches, we figure this will be a short
day as we figure to spend a half day or more in downtown
Chicago.  There are several virtual caches in the parks
along the waterfront - that will be tomorrow.

We started our day with a visit to a small out of the way cemetery.

Then a small memorial park - all in all - there were
10 different virtual caches on today's list!!!

We saw some amazing things today.

We even took a fairly good hike - in sand - at the
edge of Lake Michigan!!!

We settled in for the night in Lansing Illinois

Finds with the most favorite points:
GCK8CV - BIG Orange Travel Bug Convention Center
Traditional - 244 Favorite points
GCAA14 - True 2 Life - Virtual - 94 Favorite points
GCA525 - Take Council - Virtual - 78 Favorite points
GC92EB - Garden of Vision - Virtual - 70 Favorite points

We awarded Favorite points to:
GCK8CV - BIG Orange Travel Bug Convention Center
GCA525 - Take Council
GC94B2 - Take a Seat
GCJMYD - Buffalo Tree Two

Winner of the "COVETED" SNAP!!!
Cache of the Day Award (and, of course, a favorite point):
GCA525 - Take Council

States Cached:
Indiana & Michigan

Total Finds Day 11 = 11

Types of Finds Day 11
Traditional - 1
Virtual - 10

Total Finds for Trip - 207

That is all for now

Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!! 

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