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Part 3 - Annual Geocaching Trip - 2018 version

For those that missed the first parts of this series
Part 1 can see it here
Part 2 can be seen here

Day 9 - May 26

Finally... the day most of us had been waiting for!!!
Agenda for the day: 

GeoWoodstock 2018!!!

Finally here - the fist GIGA event for North America!!!

Nana & I were trying to arrive at about 9AM and amazingly, between the back up on the bridge and the long line to into the event - we made it to the event at about 9:30!!!

It's picture time!

We are just to the left of the "G"!!!

Believe it or not, I actually found Nana and I in one
of the pictures but by the time I zoomed in enough,
 I was barely able to identify ourselves!!!

Shortly after 10AM the Lab Caches published and
the mad rush began!!!  

There were so many places to see and things to do
it was hard to know where to begin.

We almost ran into PA Ladi - literally!
So, to be honest, I had a huge disappointment on the day.
  Of all the things that were on my bucket list for this
one particular day, there was one person I really wanted
to meet and talk with.  There was one point where I
spotted him during the group picture but he was to
far away and there were hundreds of people
between the two of us!  I really wanted to meet
the Geocaching Vlogger - Joshua Johnson.  Maybe
we will run into each other out on the trails!!!

Papa at the "Find Your Chesapeake" booth
There was another very embarrassing thing that
happened to me on this day.  Shortly after the Lab
Caches went live, and before I figured out exactly
how to use my phone correctly, I was doing the
Geocaching Dance - you know, the one where it looks
like you are either very very drunk, or maybe you
are just enjoying yourself as you continually turn
in varying size circles over and over again!!!
Well, there is was in this slightly open area, turning
around and around in circles when all of the sudden
it dawns on me to just STOP!  Stop and allow the
GPS device to settle and maybe, just maybe point
in the correct direction!  Well, little did I know that
I had a hitch-hiker, another geocacher who was,
for what reason I do not know, following not more
than 1 or 2 steps behind me.  Maybe she
thought I knew where I was going???  Anyway,
as soon as I came to a stop, she ran smack into the back
of me!!! Now I must admit, I do have a bad knee.
And maybe, just maybe, at age sixty-four my balance
is not what it was in my younger, more foolish days.
Anyway, this little, petite geocacher smacks into
the back of me - my right knee buckles and then acts
like it wants to work, I thought I had caught myself,
but the knee buckled again.  I proceed, in what was
described by others as "in slow motion", to
collapse to the ground!!!  Other geocachers
from all directions rush over to check on me but
the only thing I had hurt was my pride - everything
else was fine except for maybe, the dust and dirt
on my backside!!!  I want to thank everyone who
checked on me - but I assure you - other than
embarrassment - I was and am fine!!!

I do know that in the future, if I ever happen to
be asked my most embarrassing moment during
geocaching - I will tell everyone that cares to
hear about it, the tale of the time I was nearly
trampled by a Chihuahua!!!

Part of the LEGO exhibit!
Nana & I met plenty of folks from our local group
of cachers (Geocaching Hampton Roads) as well
as many other cachers who were more than
happy to exchange pathtags.
Thanks to all who shared!!!

Towards the end of the day we did manage to grab just a
few more caches before calling it a day - tomorrow
we start the western part of our trip!!!

States Cached:
Ohio & Kentucky

Total Finds Day 9 = 36

Types of Finds Day 9
GIGA Event - 1
Wherigo (Reverse) - 1
Lab - 30
Traditional - 4

Total Finds for Trip - 184

That is all for now

Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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