Friday, September 15, 2017

My Search for the Woodbooger

A few months ago I received a very nice e-mail
inviting me to a series of events surrounding the release of
both a Geo-Art and a Geocoin Trail on September 8, 2017.

The view near GC4MNBT
A very small group of geocachers consisting of BiblemanRick, SewWatt,
KickenChicken, MyManVa2, Ladybug 44 and BigGrizzlyBear
had collaborated with the City of Norton Va. and local businesses
to come up with one terrific weekend of geocaching!!!

The view near GC2Q4VR
On Friday, September 8 - a new geo-art made it's debut in and around the Norton
Virginia area.  This new geo-art consists of 50 very easy puzzle caches.
Most of the hides are very easy finds!!!

Is this a Woodbooger footprint?
In the end - this is what your map will look like!!!  

The view near GC1VWPN
That was just Friday!!!
On Saturday, Spetember  9, 
the release of a Geocoin Trail made it's debut!

Consisting of 20 geocaches hidden mostly in the Flag Rock
recreation area, up and down the mountain road (12th St SW).

Note: There is one really neat Night Cache

Once the passport is completed - you
can claim the really nice Geo-coin.

There was a huge Event just prior to the Geo-Trail release.
The City Manager of Norton, VA. spoke and thanked all the geocachers
 who came for the trail and art.

The Woodbooger Geocoin
 The hides for this trail are fairly simple but you must remember to either write
down your Code Word from each cache's log OR stamp your passport with
the stamp located in each cache.

The other side!
Once you complete your passport you turn it in, get it checked
 and receive a really nice geocoin for all of your troubles.

I met the Woodbooger!
The beautiful views you will see while getting all the smilies
is more than worth the trip to this part of the state.

So - I told you about my FANTASTIC weekend of caching!!!
Now that all the events and fanfare of the debut are over,
here is how you go about getting yourself a coin!!!

Go to GC77BGW - Woodbooger Geotrail - Woodbooger Pathfinder
Inside that cache you will find passports for you to use
on the remaining caches for the trail.

As you visit each cache - stamp your passport, or write the
code word on your passport - either is acceptable!

Once your passport is completed - call one of the phone
 numbers listed on each cache page to arrange getting your coin.

The Official Event Picture
I must say - this was one of the more well-planned, well-organized,
and well attended events I have ever attended.  That, plus the support this
small group of geocachers received from the City of Norton
made this one of the more enjoyable weekends of geocaching
I have experienced!

During Saturday's event. the City Manager of Norton made a suggestion
to all the geocachers in attendance to please take the time to visit one of the more
spectacular places in the area.  It is called "The Tower" and it is
located at the top of the mountain.
I took his advice and made my way to the top of the mountain
 to visit the tower.  All I can say is "WOW!!!" 

Oh, by the way..
They originally ordered 200 coins for the trail.
There are about 90 left!!!
Hurry, get to Norton and knock out both
the geo-art as well as the trail!!!


That's All for Now!
Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!  

On Twitter at: @SNAPgeocaching
On Instagram at: snap_geocaching 

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