Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Two more items crossed off the Geocaching Bucklet List (3 & 4 of 5)

Nana and I took a geocaching trip in early April traveling
around Virginia with hopes of completing several items
on our Geocaching Bucket List.

By the end of our trip, we had completed
five, yes FIVE, of those items.
And  Yes!, we had all sorts of fun
doing them.

1)  Buffalo Mountain Geocaches
2) Blocks 72 & 64  of the Virginia Delorme
3) Visit Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg
4) Find the Virginia Delorme Challenge Geocache
5) Find the Geocaches for both the Virginia Independent City
and the Virginia County Challenges

This is a quick story about items #3 and 4...

#3 - Visit Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg

Ever since we found our first cemetery cache, Nana has been hooked on cemeteries.

The history, the beautiful surroundings - both have made us look for
cemetery caches ever time we visit a new city.

Several months ago, Nana saw an article about Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg Virginia.
7 different museums, guided tours, 27 acres of history.
Old City Cemetery is the oldest continuously maintained cemetery in Virginia.
We added the location to our Geocaching Bucket List!!

While Nana toured some of the historic sites, I took a few minutes to
grab a local geocache on the property.

I then caught up with Nana and joined her while visiting the rest of the historic
places around the cemetery.

We spent the better part of the day tour the grounds and talking with the different
volunteers in the area.

3rd Item marked of our Geocaching Bucket List in one trip!!!

4) Find the Virginia Delorme Challenge Geocache

GCVYD4 - The Virginia Delorme Challenge.
I will let you in on a little (very little) secret.  If you look at the cache page
for the challenge you will notice that the "?" on the map is
located in Arlington Virginia.  In fact, if you zoom in on the map,
you will notice that the "?" is actually in the center courtyard of
the Pentagon!!!

The secret:  Look at where the parking coordinates are!
Lynchburg, VA!!!
In fact, if you investigate the parking coordinates as well as the final coordinates
for the actual cache, you can get a lot closer before leaving your vehicle and starting out on foot
than you could of back in 2006 when the actual cache was originally hidden.

I will tell you this - be prepared for a very steep climb and descent!!!

Finally - another item marked off our Geocaching Bucket list!!!


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 Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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