Thursday, May 11, 2017

Another Item Crossed off our Geocaching Bucket List (5 of 5) and other stuff...

Nana and I took a geocaching trip in early April traveling
around Virginia with hopes of completing several items
on our Geocaching Bucket List.

By the end of our trip, we had completed
five, yes FIVE, of those items.
And  Yes!, we had all sorts of fun
doing them.

1)  Buffalo Mountain Geocaches
2) Blocks 72 & 64  of the Virginia Deforme
3) Visit Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg
4) Find the Virginia Delorme Challenge Geocache
5) Find the Geocaches for both the Virginia Independent City
and the Virginia County Challenges

This is the last story of our April trip - item #5!

#5 - Find the Geocaches for both the Virginia
Independent City and the Virginia
County Challenges

It was over a year ago when Nana & I completed the requirements for both
the Virginia Independent City Challenge Cache (GC244VZ) and the Virginia County Challenge Cache (GC244RF).  We submitted our caches to the CO and received
both corrected coordinates.  The only thing left to do was go find the cache.
We passed by (within a few miles) both caches several times throughout that
year and a half - but were in time crunch situations each time.  

After we finished up in Lynchburg, we slowly made our way down to
Lawrenceville, VA.  We had visited this park before which was when we first
learned of the two challenges.

We were surprised to find out both caches were a very short distance from
the parking area which allowed us to spend about half the time we had allotted
to make both finds and return to the SNAP!!!-mobile.

The last item (for this trip) was marked off our Geocaching Bucket List!!!

The Best Caches of our April Trip

GC33KA6 -  Take Me Out to the Ball Game II
Traditional - Mecklenburg County Virginia - 5 favorite points

GCNNZP - Buffalo Mtn. Preserve Cache
Traditional - Floyd County Virginia - 24 favorite points

GCGCH61V - Millin' & Stillin'
Virtual cache - Floyd County Virginia - 62 favorite points

GC2EQA6 - Mason Mill Park
Traditional Cache - Roanoke, Virginia - 1 favorite point

GCW7Q6 - Spinners End Redux
Traditional Cache - Roanoke, Virginia - 1 favorite point

GC2HAD - The ABCs of Geocaching: I is for Information Sign
Multi Cache - Rockingham County Virginia - 3 favorite points

GC12PZQ - Locust Springs
Traditional Cache - Highland County Virginia - 25 favorite points

GC2A78 - Bluegrass Valley Crossroads
Virtual Cache - Highland County Virginia - 30 favorite points

GC3RGB6 - Stonewall's Last Ride
Traditional Cache - Lynchburg, Virginia - 4 favorite points

GC546D - Vita Abundantior
Virtual Cache - Lynchburg, Virginia - 11 favorite points

GCVYD4 - The Virginia DeLorme Challenge
Challenge Cache - Lynchburg, Virginia - 42 favorite points

GC244RF - Virginia County Challenge
Challenge Cache - Brunswick County Virginia - 27 favorite points

GC244VZ - Virginia Independent City Challenge
Challenge Cache - Brunswick County Virginia - 27 favorite points

SLOGGERS Outing #4

As of right now, we are tentatively planning our next outing for
Saturday – May 20 – Virginia Beach, VA
Ashville Park 
Rain Date May 21

More info will be coming soon.



SNAP!!!-land is scheduled to be archived

towards the end of September 2017

See - GC503GY

 Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!  

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