Monday, May 23, 2016

Logs, Updates and Last weeks finds


 If you ever want to bring a really big smile to my face - - - all you really have to do is write a unique or even humorous log on one of our caches!!!

Here are 3 different logs we received last week:

Found It


Got It
As a cache owner who has over 170 active caches, I rely on logs to let me know if there is a problem with any of our caches.  That being said, I really enjoy reading logs which have some meat in them.  Let us know how your day went.  Are there any geocaches you did that day that you recommend (favorite points)?  Did you find a particular interesting location?  Or, do you have a interesting or funny thing that happened to you that day?

I know there are other cache owners who love reading interesting and amusing logs as much as we do!!  Also, if we are really stuck on a particular cache, we will read recent logs to see if they contain anything that could help us out! 

Don't be afraid to log a DNF - there is information that can be learned from them also.


When you are on the home page for this blog, look to the right side - listed there are some pages you can get to by clicking.  The 2nd page listed is "14th ANNUAL GCHR PICNIC Information ".  If you go to that page you will see a list of other pages available.  I have been working on updating each of those pages.  Please feel free to check them out and let us know if there is anything else you are interested in.


Spent a few days doing maintenance on some of our caches and even grabbed a cache while out there: 
 GC3D89X - Cross Breeze - wish I had done this one in the winter time!

On Thursday (5/19) the rain decided to take a break for most of the day so alara and I teamed up once again and headed to North Carolina for some country caching! (in alphabetical order)

GC5WBCC - 3 Red Diamonds - quick P&G.

GC5WF0J - 3 Red Diamonds #2 - another quick P&G.

GC5NPKC - 67 NC CWGT Blount Bridgers House - love this historical series.

GC45RGJ - Army Men Rock - another quick P&G.

GC2YHY1 - Astoria Road's Forgotten Cemetery - we love cemeteries and it was sad to see this place in such a state of disrepair - awarded a favorite point because of the history here.

GC56Z39 - First Ladies:  Ida McKinley - another quick P&G.

GC4TYB9 - MagicRodes:  Windsor's First - I had DNF'd this one years ago and was very delighted to make the find quickly!!!

GC6FZGY - Martin County Geocaching Trail #10

GC6FZD9 - Martin County Geocaching Trail #5

GC6FZDM - Martin County Geocaching Trail #6

GC6FZE3 - Martin County Geocaching Trail #7 - we finished up this great series put out by the County.  Loved the series and we have already received an e-mail from the county stating our prize package is on the way.  A very simple series, once you make the first find and know what you are looking for.  My only comment would be that the coordinates are not always accurate so, once you know what you are looking for, expand your search area until you make the find.  I went back and gave all 10 geocaches in the series each their own favorite point mainly because 1) I love it when local officials (city, county, state) take advantage of the tourism they can bring in with geocaching and 2) there is history in this series!

GCWJQ0 - Moratoc Park - took us 4 tries here over many years but, armed with a good hint, we made the find!

GC11Z21 - Road to Nowhere - quick P&G - watch out for the ANTS!!!

GC1HM75 - Road to Nowhere #2 - another quick P&G

GC5XAHJ - Ruby Wednesday - not where we expected it - quick P&G

GC3CGX6 - The Odors of Astoria - laughed when we realized what the name was referring to!

GC1HKE8 - We're gonna need a bigger cache... - another favorite point awarded, this time for the pun.

GC46JZF - Wings of Hope 19 - this one gave us problems - it should have been a quick P&G.

Only 5 counties and one city left - gonna work on this soon!!!
Till next time!!!
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!  

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  1. Sounds like a fun adventure!

    You're so close on the County/City challenges! One road trip ought to do it! I'm expecting to finish those this year as well. I have NoVA, VA Beach, and the Eastern Shore to complete. (Oh, and DeLorme page 64 .)