Saturday, August 1, 2015

Recap of an old geocaching day

As I said in my apology last week, I have been working far to many hours lately but things are beginning to slow down a bit as my current project is well underway.  Now that things for me are getting back to normal I figure it is time to get back to blogging.

The GCHR picnic is still about 2 months away so let's get back to reviewing some of the geocaching days from this year!

Back in mid-June Nana & I met up with good friends Jim & Lynne (jtmlam59).  The main purpose of the day was, of course, geocaching but to be more specific, gathering the newer caches in the local area.

It had been quite a while since either of us had been out in the local area so there were quite a few newer caches to fill up our daily list!

So here were the caches we found that day - along with a few notes and comments on each:

777 Challenge - GC4XY7D - Hidden by Honu58 - A rather tough requirement on this challenge cache but if you qualify you get to take a really nice walk through the woods to get to GZ!

And Bob's Your Uncle - GC5WT44 - Hidden by Bikalot - A rather unique cache container for this area.  Should be considered a Park n Grab.

Be Grateful - GC5VRD3 - Hidden by Bikalot - Not quite the park n grab we expected but make sure to look both ways before retrieving this cache.

Between the Caches - GC5R8Y8 - Hidden by geospillz - Nana & I like to call these Park, Walk and Grabs.  Nice park, easy walk, easy find!

Big Orange - GC5Q50H - Hidden by ebaben3 - We recognized the location and made the find quickly!

Four Square Challenge - GC5QGF2 - Hidden by steve-n-kim - A easy challenge cache to qualify for (if you have more than 500 finds) and a very simple find.

Free to a good Home - GC5R7EE - Hidden by Honu58 - A nice walk through a neighborhood wooded area awaits you for this cache.  I really think we got extremely lucky with this find - but then again maybe it was just that easy!

"I AM GROOT" - GC5KWY9 - Hidden by geospillz - Another nice neighborhood park and another quick find.

I Need a Sign... - GC5QVVG - Hidden by chodebag - Once again, another nice neighborhood park and an even faster find.

Message in a WHAT??? - GC5QKQH - Hidden by chodebag -  We found this one with little or no trouble but the cache container had been left open and everything was gone.  Restocked with some SWAG and then added a new log and baggy for the next finder.

Oh No! Really? - GC5R8XR - Hidden by geospillz -  Another nice neighbor hood park but this time we actually took a few minutes before we made the find.  Tricky little devil, for sure!

Puppy Paw Prints - GC5GYGG - Hidden by steve-n-kim - A really nice walk through a great area leads you to this letterbox cache.  The scenery is great!  Plenty of hints will guide you right to the cache if you need them.

Rain Garden Ed - GC5V0YZ - Hidden by vbmg - Speaking of a tricky little devil, not sure if it was intentional or not but there is a really nice decoy close by.  Enjoyed the walk to the cache and we gave this cache a favorite point.  Muggles could be a problem for some.

Rommel's Boys Come To Town - GC5GAX1 - Hidden by steve-n-kim - A nice multi-cache where you fill in information at the first location to get to the final.

SAD - Social Anxiety Disorder Challenge - GC5NTZ5 - Hidden by steve-n-kim - Do you attend a lot of events?  Then this cache is for you!  Very simple park n grab once you qualify for the find!

Stars & Stripes Challenge - GC5GAT2 - Hidden by steve-n-kim - This could be a difficult challenge for newer cachers but as you gain experience and you venture forth from the area I am sure you will qualify.

Tangled Tube - GC5QMD3 - Hidden by - kmlight - This ended up being a park n grab once we ignored the very confused Garmin and looked at the map on our phones.

Tapohphile Challenge - GC5GAQB - Hidden by steve-n-kim - another challenge cache on the day and since Nana & I love cemetery caches we had absolutely no trouble qualifying for this cache.

That's A Big Boat - GC5GAWX - Hidden by steve-n-kim - found the cache but never figured out the name - go figure!

TWISTED!!!!!!! - GC5KWYP - Hidden by geospillz - this cache took us the longest of all caches found that day and we even called the CO begging for a little hint (which we got).  It still took us far too long to make this great find!  Awarded this cache a favorite point!

Where did you Go - Mystery Challenge - GC5P6JC - Hidden by geospillz - this was the last cache we found back in June and had absolutely no problem qualifying for this cache!

Wood Bison - GC5GAXN - Hidden by steve-n-kim - The 2nd hardest to find cache on the day but it was very satisfying once we did!  Awarded this cache a favorite point!

WWFM XII - Wet n Wild! - GC5WG29 - event by The Crustaceans and the Cooks - a great event for the kids - thankfully, nobody squirted any water guns our way!

You Picked Your Name Challenge - GC5GAWJ - Hidden by steve-n-kim - another challenge cache on the day - easy to qualify for and an easy find!

24 finds on the day - not to bad of a day - got to hangout with good friends and find plenty of good caches.

Oh, by the way, < lol >, I guess everyone would like to know.....

The WINNER of the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day was....
 hidden by geospillz!

Great Cache - had us going in circles for far too long!!!!

Thanks for the great hide!

Till next time...

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!

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