Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chesapeake Top Caches by Favorite Points

Planning your caching around the picnic?  Coming in from out of town, and want to make sure you don’t miss some of the best caches?  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be generating several lists to help with this.
Each list will detail the best geocaches in each city in the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas based on the number of favorite points these caches have earned.

Here is the list for Chesapeake – top 10 caches based on favorite points earned:

1.    GC2C7GF – A Cryptex Trading Cache – 58 favorite points - hidden by ARONK76.  This puzzle cache is hidden somewhere in Oak Grove Lake Park.
2.    GC190EK – EVIL – 48 favorite points - hidden by Frogmen83.  The name says it all for this 5/5 rated cache. 
3.    GC37AQ2 – The Dark Side – 43 favorite points – hidden by southtexas.  A very nice cache located near the Chesapeake Arboretum.
4.    GC2MQE6 – I’m Not Poisonous – 41 favorite points – hidden by ARONK76.  A nice cache located in Indian River Park.
5.    GC1T5BD – HR Alphabet Soup: K is for Mr. Krabs & Krusty Krew –32 favorite points – hidden by Geocaching Hampton Roads.  This tricky little cache is actually a memorial to a cacher.  Located in Northwest River Park.
6.    GC3DHPH – Universal Joint Cache – 26 favorite points – hidden by southtexas  This tricky little cache is located in the Greenbriar section of Chesapeake.
7.    GC1H5QX – You Might Die Trying – 21 favorite points – hidden by DMB4Life.  You have been warned – located near the Churchland section of Chesapeake.
8.    GC1EN4K – DMB TB Hotel – 19 favorite points – hidden by DMB4Life.  A very nice cache near the southern part of Chesapeake.
9.    GC368N2 – An Irishman’s Philosophy – 18 favorite points – hidden by Adventure Stones.  A tricky little cache located in Battlefield area of Chesapeake.
10.  GC43Y0J – Stumped By Beauregard’s Booty! – 18 favorite points – hidden by trtllvrs.  A nice cache located in Chesapeake City Park.

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