Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sunday December 2 Recap

After starting off December 2012 with a bang yesterday (## finds and 6 FTFs) we decided to press our luck and try for some more caches.  The day started off great!!!  The temperature was a little cold in the early am but it warmed up nicely and Nana & I were off by ourselves to start the day.

We headed north to grab some new caches in Smithfield and were more than pleasantly surprised by what we found!

Feeling a Little Boxed In (GC4064M) - a quick park n grab to start the day and all we had to do was dodge a few muggles around GZ!

WCP - Aragog the Acromantula (GC427QM) - a cute little cache located on the outskirts of Windsor Castle Park and believe it or not we had the park almost to ourselves!

This one's for you Pack... (GC427NG) - two cute caches in a row and we think we are on a roll!!!  This cache is beside Windsor Castle Park and again - no one was around to spoil our fun!

Now that we have wiped out Smithfield again we made our way back to Suffolk and Bennett's Creek Park.

High Five (GC3Y6ZK) - it is amazing to us how something so big can be camouflaged so well... we wandered around a bit, talked to some disc golfers but eventually made the find the hard way!!!

If you read the blog concerning Saturday's caching you know we spent about 6 hours deep in the woods.  Today we decided not to venture into the deep woods but wanted to try a new puzzle.

PortSuffApeake (GC3N6YD) - reading the cache page for this one you will realize the CO (seepaulgolf) set this up to be found either as a multi or as a puzzle.  We decided to try the multi version and found stages 1 and 2 easily.  Stage 3 eluded us and we ended up logging a DNF for the cache.  Lucky for us Paul was reading his email because a short time later he emailed us to give us a clue on reaching the final.  I researched what he told us and now believe we can find it next time we are out that way!!!

S7C #8: PACE Churchland (GC3RT2N) - this was our second visit here and we ended up logging another DNF for the day.  Once again though luck was on our side.  A day or two after our log, one of the Cos emailed us with a clever little hint that made us go "DOH!"   now we have two caches to find in the Churchland area that should be easy pickings next time we go out!

Not wanting to press our luck to far we ventured over to the Chesapeake Square area.  We had very good luck with the D/T Grid caches yesterday - we were hoping our luck would continue.

D/T Grid - 2.5/1 (GC3WHH2) - a rather quick find but I believe luck had a lot to do with it now that I am home and reading the other logs!!!

D/T Grid - 3/1 (GC3WHGA) - this is listed as a puzzle cache.  If you are a cacher that is shy about puzzle caches - go ahead and try this one - it is very simple (no math involved)!!!  A rather quick find!!!  Actually - it was in the last place we looked!!!

D/T Grid - 2/1 (GC3WHGV) - silly us figured the easier the rating on these - the simpler they would be to find.  No luck here today even though the cache page says you can see it from the parking space - we must not have been in the correct spot cause we were blind to it!!!

D/T Grid - 1.5/1.5 (GC3WHHJ) - another simple cache that Nana nor I could put our hands on!!!

As tired as we still were from Saturday's 14 hour adventure we decided at this point to call it a day.  Not an impressive day as far as numbers were concerned but we did give out 3 favorite points amongst our 6 finds!!!

Favorite points were awarded to these fine caches:
WCP - Aragog the Acromantula (GC427QM) - hidden by chihuahuak94
This one's for you Pack... (GC427NG) - hidden by chihuahuak94
High Five (GC3Y6ZK) - hidden by toystory2

Winner of the "Coveted" Nana & Papa Cache of the Day Award was........  High Five!!!!  Congrats to toystory2 for another win!!!

As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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  1. When you find 2/1 and 1.5/1.5 you will do what I did - smack my forehead with my palm - hard!