Friday, December 14, 2012

3 events in less than 24 hours!!!

For those of you who have never been to an event - please come on out!  A resturant full of other cachers who are willing to give you hints on local caches, tell you stories (believe it or not!) and just get together and talk about geocaching.  Who knows - you might even win a door prize!!!

Tuesday 12/11

After getting off work I went home to get ready for all the 12/12 events around the area.  Just before leaving the house Nana informed me she wasn't feeling 100% so just to be safe I left her at home and headed out on my own.

GC3Y5GD - 12/12/12 at 12:12am GMT - the first of three events scheduled in the area for the 12/12/12 date.  This event was hosted by steve-n-kim.  I made the mistake of getting there on time, which means that I was all the way at the kitchen end of the table as the place was already packed when I got there.  Plenty of door prizes were handed out and there was all sorts of talk about plans over the next few hours.  After a good meal, I joined a group of cachers who had several nearby caches on their "waiting to be found" list.  Over the next few hours we all managed to caravan from  cache to cache and make numerous finds before the next event.  Some of the caches on the list I had already logged as finds but I was more than happy to go along and offer whatever assistance they needed.  Among those caches I got to log as finds were:

GC40THR - D/T Grid - 4/1 a very simple puzzle cache located right in the parking lot where the event was held!

GC3Y9MT - OTM #7 Our Eyes Met - a quick park and grab close to the event local

GC40PF2 - 867-5309 - another quick P&G (btw... loved the song!)

GC37QN3 - Half Moon's Mau5 Trap - this one had been on our DNF list for quite some time and all of us managed to make the grab in the dark!!!

GC38RQ4 - Who's Your Legend? - another cache that had been on our DNF list!!!

GC41ZY8 - 20/20 vision needed - we didn't need 20/20 vision but the flashlights sure helped make this a fast find!

GC42MKK - Kilo India Sierra Sierra #1 - a cache that advertises itself as simple and it was!!!

There were other caches we visited and others got to get their smilies but the one that frustrated us most was GCRJ52 - Dancing in the Street!!! - this one had been on our DNF for over a year and we even had a previous finder in the group and still couldn't come up with the find - after all - it was very dark out!!!

We eventually headed south to the next event, GC3Y0JK 12-12-12@12:12:12am - we arrived what we thought was about 10 minutes early only to find an IHOP packed with geocachers!!!  We all had a great time trading stories and getting door prizes.  This event was held by DMB4Life.  After how successful this event was I would not be surprised to see more midnight events!

As we all got ready to leave I was approached by Mitovirginia and asked about a nearby cache.  Since I knew Jim (the "j" part of jtmlam59) was riding with me we twisted his arm and got him to go out and do maintenance on the cache.  There is no simpler way to find a cache than to go with the CO and help him do maintenance!!!  We both added GC39AG7  - Rock Band #31 - Scorpions to our found list, checked on another Rock Band cache and discovered it missing and then went home to grab a few hours of rest before the next event scheduled in just a few hours!

GC3Y0JW - 12-12-12@12:12:12pm hosted also by DMB4Life - the 3rd and last local event for the 12/12/12 date.  This time at ChiCho's Pizza.  You might think that after 3 events in about 16 hours cachers might run out of things to talk about - NOT!!!  There was still conversations about nearby and favorite caches, plenty of good food and lots of tired cachers!!!

Latest Update - our plans have changed once again.  This upcoming weekend will be cache free!!!!  We are watching some of the grandchildren so caching will just have to wait!

As Always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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