Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It may be December - but still bring the bug spray!!!

Saturday morning (12/1), Nana & I loaded up the car and got an early start.  We met jtmlam59 in Portsmouth and reformed Team S&M once again for a run around the area.  We were all bundled up as the morning temperature was in the lower 40's when we started.

First on the list was some of the new D/T Grid series that Jim still had left to find.

D/T Grid - 4.5/1.5 (GC3WHF3) - we searched for almost 20 minutes before the CO took pity on us a gave us a small clue.  With clue in hand we made the grab quickly and claimed the FTF for the cache (a devilish little hide if I do say so myself).  WOW! - do you know it has been almost 8 months since Nana & I had a FTF!!!

D/T Grid - 3/1.5 (GC3VT4W) - getting to GZ proved to be the problem here as Chesapeake Square was having a Christmas parade and most of the ways into the mall area were blocked off.  Once we figured out where to be we made the find quickly and got the heck out of there!  Too many muggles!!!

D/T Grid - 4/1.5 (GC3WJ1A) - another FTF was waiting for us here and to be honest it did take us a few minutes to locate this devil but we did and claimed our 2nd FTF on the day!

D/T Grid - 1.5/2 (GC3WJ1P) - right down the road from the last one and numerous cachers had found it already - we made the grab after stopping for a quick bite to eat - this is a quick P&G.

D/T Grid - 5/3.5 (GC3WJ1Z) - this was another one we had a chance for a FTF on today.  We made the grab and then we all were pleasantly surprised to see a clean log for our 3rd FTF on the day!!!  On a side note - it has warmed up so much we are out of our coats and Jim is walking around the woods in a tee shirt!

D/T Grid - 3/4 (GC404XF) - a very long (at least it seemed that way) trek through the woods for another find on the day!

D/T Grid - 3/3.5 (GC3XW4F) - this was a multi and believe it or not another chance for yet another FTF!!!  Stage one happened to be right in front of me in the first place I looked.  The final stage though eluded us for quite some time.  Eventually - maybe just as we were about to give it up for lost - Nan yelled out those words all geocachers love to hear!  "I FOUND IT!"  Can't believe this one eluded us for so long!

D/T Grid - 2.5/3.5 (GC404Y6) - this was another puzzle cache.  Having found the previous multi we were set to go on this one.  A fairly easy walk back towards the SNAP-mobile yielded this cache and it was far easier than we thought it would be.  Since we were FTF on the last one we knew we would be FTF on this one!

D/T Grid - 2/4 (GC4105J) - this was yet another puzzle cache.  The ladies took one path and Jim and I the other.  Eventually, we found out later, the ladies headed back to the SNAP-mobile and waited for our return.  Jim and I made the find and eventually made our way back to the ladies.  I was sitting there writing my notes when I looked at my hand and what did I see - not a tiny reindeer but a TICK!  I gladly deposited him outside of the van then realized I saw another on my pants.  I slowly exited the van and brushed off some more.  A total of 5 ticks - WOW!!!  So much for it being December!!!

D/T Grid - 2.5/4.5 (GC3XW0D) - we found a nice place to park and the walk wasn't too far but finding the cache proved to be too much.  We poked and brushed - knelt and looked everywhere we could think of but in the end we gave up and headed towards the peninsula to continue our caching day.  The good news (or bad news depending on how you look at it is - no one has found it yet so maybe we can get another FTF in the coming days!!!

Old Rusty (GC41QBD) - a very simple park n grab started the peninsula part of our day off with a quick find.

When in Rome...2 (GC3KFA6) - a very short search made up for the fact that this is a puzzle cache.  Jim had solved it and we went along to make the find.

Marker 20 (GC407GZ) - this proved to be very elusive.  We conducted an extensive search and then used a PAF to make sure we were in the correct place.  Our PAF info proved to be off just a little but we eventually made the find and proceeded onto the next cache.

Turdus Merula (GC3WFVM) - we had been to this park before and knew the location - but we were pleasantly surprised by the find - great cache!!!  Quick find.

FTL #2 (GC40R99) - we walked down the path but it took us quite a few minutes before we located the container.  Located the log quickly and left for the next cache.

A Beachin' Ditti (GCMQDD) - we had been here before and came up empty - Jim thought he knew where it was - after quite a few minutes we even tried another PAF - got a hint - looked for far too long and ended up going away with our heads hung low - another DNF on the day.

The black hole (GC3XV2K) - This was another cache that took too long but this time we came away with the find!!!

Christmas Lights #13 - Newport News (GC41Z41) - we heard about this series a month or two ago and had been looking forward to it - as it happens this was a quick find - or maybe we were just very lucky!!!

Christmas Lights #16 - Newport News (GC41Z4R) - this one took us a little longer to locate but it is already getting dark and we may have to start using our flashlights very soon!!!

Urban Renewal 1 (GC40Q99) - some of us had flashlights - others decided to find it the hard way - but I yelled FOUND IT as my flashlight lit it up!!!

Centric (GC3NM8H) - Spotted this one right away!!!!

Clock's Ticking (GC3NM7P) - Another quick grab and all of us will be using flashlights from now on - it is officially DARK!

Q S & L (GC3T5WZ) - would you believe the others in the group barely gave me time to get out of the NSAP-mobile before they were yelling they had it!!!!

PACE of the Citi (GC3VK4E) - another cache where I barely made it out of the van.  Good thing they needed the tweezers that were in my pocket!!!

HOHOHO!! (GC421HD) - made very quick work of this one!!!

Christmas Lights #01 - Newport News (GC41YYY) - we ended the day here as even with flashlights this one took too long.  Funny thing is, we expected to see 3 or more names on the log!!!  When we unrolled the log we were surprised to see a blank log - Did we get FTF????  After calling the CO - we got it straight - we were FTF on the RED light but not on the other colored light that was accidentally placed there also!!!  CO apologized and promised to remove one of the lights - wonder which one they remove???  Note: now days later I look back at the page for the cache and the CO awarded GoodSunCachers, SNAP!!!, and Jtmlam59 on a triple FTF!   Thank you for our 46th FTF!!!

Favorite points on the day went to:
D/T Grid - 3/1.5 (GC3VT4W) - really cute container
Turdus Merula (GC3WFVM) - a lot of work went into this one
FTL #2 (GC40R99) - a neat idea

Winner of the "Coveted" Nana & Papa Cache of the Day Award goes to.........Turdus Merula (GC3WFVM)  - CONGRATS!!!!

Note: On Monday night I was sitting there and all of the sudden I had to scratch!!!  My ankles!!!!  Not only did we run into ticks on Saturday - but obviously I got into some chiggers!!!  So even though it is December - please remember the bug spray and spray yourselves down before going into the woods!!!

As always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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