Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The 2018 SNAP!!! Geocaching Trip

First.... A review of past trips

2017 - we stayed in Virginia to finish the Virginia Independent City Challenge,
the Virginia County Challenge and the Virginia Delorme Challenge...
but we also took a quick cruise to the Bahamas and found a geocache there!

2016 - Our 2016 trip was to Nova Scotia to find Canada's Oldest Geocache

2015 - After GeoWoodstock in Maryland, we toured the all New England States

2014 - two separate smaller trips one to Alabama for an event and the second where we toured colleges with our #2 granddaughter in Tennessee and Kentucky (and geocached).

2013 - again two smaller trips one touring North Carolina and the other to
Washington County Maryland

2012 - Only our second trip - we completed the C&D trail in Delaware and then
the Blind Shelter Power Run near Wilmington, North Carolina

2011 - Our very first Big Geocaching Trip was to one of my very favorite caches of all time...
Nana & I along with alara went to Mt Union Pennsylvania to find
GC59AF - Thousand Steps Cache!!!

10 Days and Counting...
Our plan is to leave one of two days next week (depending on the weather).

And to be totally honest, we are actually combining a family event, the high school graduation
ceremony of another granddaughter, with the start of our trip to GeoWoodstock!!!

Yes, we are going to GeoWoodstock this year after skipping the last few years!

But the majority of this year's Geocaching Trip is AFTER GeoWoodstock!!!

Nana & I have planned our a trip through the mid-west!!!

Starting, of course, in Virginia, our trip will entail:
               State                                       Main Targets
  • North Carolina                         Clingmans Dome
  • Tennessee                                 Granddaughters Graduation
  • Kentucky                                  Base of operations for GeoWoodstock
  • Ohio                                         GeoWoodstock
  • Michigan                                  New state for geocaching with 4 Virtuals on our list
  • Indiana                                     New state for geocaching with 7 Virtuals on our list
  • Illinois                                      New state for geocaching with 5 Virtuals on our list
  • Wisconsin                                1 Virtual as we are passing through
  • Iowa                                         New state for geocaching with 3 Virtuals on our list
  • Nebraska                                  New state for geocaching 4 Virtuals on our list
  • Kansas                                      Mingo, and others of course
  • Missouri                                   New state for geocaching with 10 Virtuals on our list
  • Arkansas                                   New state for geocaching with 1 Virtual on our list
  • Tennessee                                 visit some more family plus more geocaching

Then make our way home to Virginia - finally!!!
Yes, it is a big trip!
Yes, we have a huge list of caches!

Not sure we can last that long

But we are sure going to try!!!

You can follow our trip on our SNAP!!! Geocaching Facebook page!
That is all for now

Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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