Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Picnic Recap and Upcoming Events

14th Annual GCHR Picnic Recap

Early in the morning of the 13th Annual GCHR Picnic we had a terrific rain shower.  It lasted just over and hour but once it stopped - we had a terrific day!!!
Fast forward to last Saturday - Hurricane Hermine decided to pay the southern part of the Hampton Roads area a visit.  Lucky for us geocachers, the picnic is held in the northern part of the area.  Rain - yes we had it, Wind - yes we had that also.  BUT... it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been.  In fact - for those of you who could not make it - we had a pretty darn good picnic.

Somehow, the picnic committee came up with a huge tent!  The tent was large enough to hold the important stuff including our friends from Space Coast!!!

Just about everything, except the games, went off as planned.  Signal showed up at various times during the day and made everyone happy!
Multi-tasking... I was holding the umbrella and helping escort Signal to the morning picture
14th Annual GCHR Picnic Photo
After the photo and another brief rainstorm the Lab Caches were published and most
of the attendees took off in numerous directions.

I set up on a middle table and answered local information questions, GSAK questions and then watched about 300 trackables make their way from one geocacher to another.  REMINDER:  There are still quite a few trackables logged into the page for the picnic - please don't forget to log any trackables you picked up.

The Picnic committee and volunteers did a terrific job!!!  

Also - special thanks goes out to Dale and Barb from Space Coast Geocaching Store (click here to visit their store) - they not only showed up for the picnic but also donated geocaching gear to the picnic.  They drove all the way from Florida in the storm just to attend our picnic.  Please make sure to stop by their store anytime you need something geocaching related.
The log for the picnic
Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came to the picnic!!!

Here are some other events in the area we plan to attend.
 Mark your calendars – hope to see you at some of these events!

Saturday – September 17 – James City County, VA
GC6QHZ7 – Powhatan Creek PADDLING EVENTure
Just off of the blueway
10 till 11 AM
Tuesday – September 20 – Virginia Beach, VA
GC6Q9N0 – 3rd Tuesday – HIDEY AWARD RALLY – GCHR Sept Event
Rick’s Cafe
6 till 8 PM
Tuesday – September 22 – Chesapeake, VA
GC6RGY0 – AACC – September 22, 2016
Elizabeth River Boat Landing Park
4 till 6 PM
Tuesday – November 1 – Virginia Beach, VA
GC6Q9TM – The Nominees Are…..
Rick’s Cafe
6 till 8 PM
Saturday – January 7 – Virginia Beach, VA
GC6HYJ2 – 10 Years! Milestones M-n-G and Hidey Awards!
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
5 till 9 PM

  Till next time!!!
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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