Monday, September 19, 2016

A Very Historic Tree and Upcoming Events

A very Historic Tree (and geocache)

Sunday morning, as I was resting a very sore ankle, Nana came running into the room yelling to change the channel!  I immediately switched over to the local CBS channel to see an excellent news article on a very sick White Oak Tree in Basking Ridge NJ.

Nana & I had first visited this very same tree last year.  After attending GeoWoodStock XIII, we had made a very large circular trip through the North-East grabbing all types of "older" geocaches before heading back home.  One of the last stops on our trip had been to the Virtual geocache: GC799B - Tie a yellow ribbon.

  As we arrived at ground zero for this fantastic cache we were drawn to this fantastic White Oak tree.  The limbs of this tree were not only supported from the ground but they were also supported with huge steel cables from all directions to keep the tree from collapsing under it's own weight.  The tree is over 600 years old which means this tree predates both America and Columbus.  This tree is considered to be the oldest in New Jersey.  George Washington is said to have walked past this tree and the graveyard surrounding this tree contains the graves of more than 30 Revolutionary War soldiers.  

You can imagine our dismay when, while watching this news report, we found out the tree is very ill.  I hope that the Virtual Geocache survives the tree as there is enough history not only in the churchyard but in the town to merit it, but just in case, it might be worth your time and effort to give this geocache a visit in the near future.  I did notice as I was writing this blog that the number of visits to this cache in the last few days has increased dramatically.

It will be well worth the visit if you could possibly schedule a trip to this cache
 before the tree passes away.
You will remember it always.   

Here are some other events in the area we plan to attend.
 Mark your calendars – hope to see you at some of these events!

Tuesday – September 20 – Virginia Beach, VA
GC6Q9N0 – 3rd Tuesday – HIDEY AWARD RALLY – GCHR Sept Event
Rick’s Cafe
6 till 8 PM
Thursday – September 22 – Chesapeake, VA
GC6RGY0 – AACC – September 22, 2016
Elizabeth River Boat Landing Park
4 till 6 PM
Saturday – September 24 – Virginia Beach, VA
GC6RM57 – Clean the Lakes Natural Area - CITO
Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Nature area
9 till 11 AM
Thursday – October 6  – Newport News, VA
GC6T6CA – AACC – October 6, 2016
Huntington Park – Newport News
4 till 6 PM
Tuesday – November 1 – Virginia Beach, VA
GC6Q9TM – The Nominees Are…..
Rick’s Cafe
6 till 8 PM
Saturday – January 7 – Virginia Beach, VA
GC6HYJ2 – 10 Years! Milestones M-n-G and Hidey Awards!
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
5 till 9 PM

Till next time!!!
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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