Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What have we been up to....

A cacher came up to me the other day and said "Really miss your blog, when you going to post another?"

I explained that between work, hosting afternoon events every weekday (during August) and trying to get ready to have a GSAK booth set up at the Virginia Mega event on my birthday, there really wasn't a lot of time to sit down and write a decent blog.  Besides, I got to come up with a topic to blog!!!!

Well, not sure if this counts (sure it does, just trying to be funny) but this daily geocaching streak is wearing me out!!!  Nana & I had never ever tried to be one of those geocachers that had over 365 days in a row of finding a cache.  Heck, our longest consecutive streak (before August) was 6 days.  And it is far too late in our geocaching experience to start now.  That was until August first rolled around and we figured, what the heck, let's try this streak caching for a change.

We have managed to either find a geocache or attend/host a geocaching event every day since August first.    So counting today we now have 21 days in a row.  We plan on extending this streak until September 2nd at which time we will gladly let it die.  The main reason we will let go of the streak is that with over 5000 finds, we have to travel at least 20 - 25 miles just to get to a cache we haven't already found and we tried those few already and they we not ready to be found by us!!!  Doesn't that sound a lot nicer than "We can't find them !!!"

The main effect this streak has had on us (other than being really tired) is our average finds per geocaching day has gone down from 17.5 to just below 13.0.  WOW!!!  Finding only one cache each day sure brings a 4 year average down quickly!!!

But one of the positive aspects of holding daily events is all the new cachers we have met.  It is always great to meet new cachers and answer questions for them.  We have also renewed friendships with cachers we knew but had lost touch with.  We have averaged just over 20 attendees at our August Afternoon Commuting Club geocaching events.  To top things off, the weatherman has been cooperating real nicely with our one to two hour events each day.  Other than one 10 minute downpour we have been blessed with nice temperatures and lovely weather.

Hopefully when September 2 gets here we will have a total of 33 days in a row and then we can go back to our normal weekend caching.

Please don't forget the upcoming GSHR 11th Annual Picnic here in Virginia.  Hope to see everyone there to get their MEGA-smilie!!!  Please drop by the booth/table I will have set up and say Hi!

As always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa


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