Monday, February 18, 2013

Caching Series

Here in the Hampton Roads area we are blessed to have numerous geocaching series.  Here are just a few of the series that are available in the area.

Caching Nemo - 7 caches in this series - GC2C59D is the first cache in the series.  This is a really fun series and great for kids.

Fido's Lost - although only 2 of the original 4 caches in this series are still available both are well worth attempting.  GC12QW0

Christmas Lights (Newport News) - a fairly new series that is lads of fun!!!  GC41YYY

GCHR Battleship Series - over 100 caches based on the classic board game of Battleships.  GC3DX0F

Battlefield Blvd Series - just published in the last few weeks - a variety of hides as far as difficulty is concerned.  A 10 caches series that can easily be accomplished in just a few hours.  GC45FQY

D/T Grid - over 80 caches in this series that covers the entire Difficuly/Terrain grid.  GC3XYXF

ECUSA Welcomes You - spread all over the Hampton Roads area - GCV22G

 Get A Clue - A 10 cache series similar to the board game Clue - GC3EWX3

HR Alphabet Series - hidden by a variety of users - GC1GJRD

Just another Micro - JAM - a cute series up on the peninsula - GC1JJ5Y

Kilo India Sierra Sierra - 7 easy caches in this Virginia Beach series - GC42MKK

Oh The Memories (OTM) - another small series in Virginia Beach - GC3JBQR

Patriots Series - A difficult series located in Virginia Beach - GC37M78

Presents forDaddy - a cute little series just published before Christmas 2012 - GC431M4

Rock Band Series - commonly referred to by some as the Damn Neck Death March - this series is more easily accomplished on bikes - I do not recommend trying to walk it - GC38JAC

The 1st Day of Christmas - this series is in Gloucester - GC2KG58

The Enneagram Series - scattered around Virginia beach - GC2CZKJ

The Greek Myths - a new southside series - GC45BGA

The Treasure of Tull's Bay - a 15 part caching series spread between Chesapeake and North Carolina - GC3B4J4

Tom Hanks - a really nice series of caches on the peninsula - GC2NETC

USTA B Series - a small series in Suffolk - GC2VY8Y

WCP Series - a small series in Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield - GC21FK9

The Amazing Geo-Race - spread accross the southside - GC34T5R


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