Top Caches in Virginia Beach

THIS PAGE LAST UPDATED: September 1, 2019

Here is the list for Virginia Beach

top caches based on favorite points earned:

Note: Virginia beach is a huge city.

252 favorite points – hidden by theCachounds.
A very nice cache located almost on the beach.  The cache is not that
hard to find but getting it with all the muggles around is another thing.

Note from SNAP!!!: Beware of Muggles!!!

2.  GC18YZ6 – Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Travel Bug Museum
145 favorite points – hidden by Frogmen83
This nice little cache is located at a museum right on the beach.
This is another cache where the muggles may be a problem.

Note from SNAP!!!: A quick cache in a great location!

3.  GC27RFB – A “Reel” Fishing Tale
127 favorite points – hidden by Frogmen83.
A great cache near the southern end of the “Beach”.

Note from SNAP!!!: Cute!

4.   GC464E – Norwegian Lady
123 favorite points – hidden by Sea_Dog
A virtual cache located right on the beach.
This is a rather old cache hidden in March of 2002.

Note from SNAP!!!: Another great cache located at the south end of the beach.

5.  GC5QVPQ – Steve-n-Kim's TB Beach Cottage
107 favorite points – hidden by Steve-n-kim
A great little cache located in a cul-de-sac.

Note from SNAP!!!: SUPER-cute!

6.  GC1Q4WV – Led Zepplin
74 favorite points – hidden by Nirvanadiver adopted by Steve-n-Kim
Located at the "Beach" - this one might take you some time!

Note from SNAP!!!: Another cute cache!!!

7.  GC2V6HX – Sweet as Honey
72 favorite points – hidden by SpikeCurtis
This fun little cache is located near one of the many
golf courses in Virginia Beach

Note from SNAP!!!: A terrific cache - sure to give you a laugh!

8.  GC13MN5 – Hugh Mongus II
70 favorite points – hidden by Frogmen83.
A very cute cache located at Ocean Breeze Waterpark.
Plenty of parking nearby.

Note from SNAP!!!: A nice size cache located right outside the water park

9.   GC59VFY – Cacher's Attractant
69 favorite points – hidden by MarViDa.
A gadget cache!!!

10.  GC400F - Phoca vitulina
62 Favorite points - hidden by Sea Dog & his Scoundrelettes
A very nice virtual cache

11.    GC2V38W - I'm Not A Nut
61 Favorite points - hidden by SpikeCurtis
An award winning cache!

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