Top Caches in James City County

Last Updated: September 3, 2019 

James City County 
top caches based on favorite points earned:

1. GC2F40K – CJS - Historic Jamestown
153 favorite points
hidden by Captain John Smith
This cache is located at the Historic Jamestown Visitor Center

 Note from SNAP!!!: Excellent location - and a great little cache!

  2.  GCV3G6 – Let's play a game
59 favorite points
hidden by Colonial Cats and adopted by va griz
This cute little take off of a puzzle cache might just leave
a smile on your face when you finish it

3.  GC3DP9Z – Watch our for Trolls, the sequel
46 favorite points
hidden by Virginia Griz
This amusing cache is located just west of
Colonial Williamsburg

 Note from SNAP!!!: This could be a tricky little hide!

4.     GC15Y7C – Fossil Beach at York River State Park
27 favorite points
hidden by Code Zero
Right on the banks of the York River this is a very nice earthcache

5.  GC4B4E7 – NCGC #22 - Stop Here When Closed
24 favorite points
hidden by Never Cancel 180
Another nice cache located inside York River State Park

6.  GC1A19 – The Valley Road
24 Favorite Points
hidden by JK-n-VA
a nice hike with wonderful views

7.  GC2723B – VCT View from the top
24 favorite points
hidden by BikeMan27
Located just west of Williamsburg,
this easy cache will offer you a great view

 Note from SNAP!!!: Excellent View!

8.  GC4CA3B - Calcareous Cache
21 Favorite points
A tricky little cache located
in the Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Note from SNAP!!!: We gave it a favorite point!!!


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  1. Unfortunately, looks like "Do you want to play a game?" (GCV3G6) was archived at the end of July.

  2. OK, that was confusing. The link actually directs to GC1TPVV, which is archived, but the link should go to GCV3G6, which is still going strong. So, just fix the link and you're good.