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2016 Winner of the "SUPER-COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Year!

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The 2016 Winner of the "SUPER-COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Year Award!!!

I guess a brief history lesson would be appropriate here.  In our second year of caching, while traveling back to Suffolk after a long day of caching, we would talk about the best cache of day.  It didn't take long for this to develop into The "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award.

The idea of a Cache of the year came to us in 2011.  We took each of the winners of the Cache of the Day and laid them all out and eventually came down to 3 or 4 best of the year.

This year we are having a terrible time figuring out who the winner was.  We have worked on the list and have the FINAL 14 figured out and have decided to sleep on the list for a few nights to make sure the winner is the right one!

So, who is in the FINAL 14!

Back in April we ran across this really interesting Multi-cache near Surry.  GC6C9HP - Dead or Alive - hidden by kekj.  A really well laid out cache that involved a little more than the average cache.

Also in April, we ran into a cute little cache in Virginia Beach - GC68RXX - Swirly - hidden by steve-n-kim.  Interesting and cute, very cute.

We really like crafted caches so when we ran into - GC5ZJ9N - Old Virginia Beach KOA Marvel - hidden by KangaCacher and maintained by Episcodad it was a sure winner for the Cache of the Day Award.

We were in Charlottesville in June and ran across a very scenic cache - GC15ENQ - All Seeing Cache - hidden by Team Quanderers and adopted by Helpercache.

While on our trip to Canada in July, we found GC2GW5D - Benedict's Brother-In-Law - hidden by gamestermike89 - a historic cache!

An interesting Virtual Cache we found, also on our way to Canada, was - GC7C06 - Witch's Leg - hidden by The Duo Plus ?

The main target of our trip to Canada was - GCBBA - Geocache--Canada's 1st geocache - hidden by ken kane.

While on our trip to Canada, we took a side trip to Prince Edward Island to locate Virtual Cache - GC7C82 - Elevation Zero - hidden by LaurieM and Dad.  This is our Northern-most cache!

Gadget cache:  GC6MYT6 - Peace, Love and Gadget Caching! - hidden by Geo Cord Buddy.

In late July, nan & I organized a group attack on: GC190EK - EVIL! - hidden by Frogmen83.

If you are ever passing through Scott County Virginia on Rt 58 - make sure you stop at GC3EY94 - HWY 23S TB DEPOT ~ TRAVELING THE TRACKS WITH KENNY - hidden by Scott County Tourism.

In August, Nana & I found this cache on our first try!!! GC2CKWN - GeoNana - hidden by Laura's Boys.

Another hard to find cache makes the list with - GC6P4YV - Bamboozled III - hidden by AllstarSS.

Last but not least - just off off I-95 near Rt 58 is a small peanut company store in a very old trading post.  Free samples of all their peanuts are inside but outside, under the front porch, you will find - GC4MK50 - Nuts for Virginia! - hidden by humphr1d

Nana & I will announce the winner soon!!!

Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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