Monday, June 20, 2016


We Did IT!!!

Well, we finally accomplished something we have been working on for quite awhile.  We finally found a cache in Charlottesville this last weekend.  That means that we have found a cache in every county in the state of Virginia as well as a cache in every independent city in the state.
Now we qualify to find the two challenge caches that inspired this endeavor:

GC244RF - Virginia County Challenge which requires you to find at least one cache in each and every County in the state of Virginia - that means 95 finds - just to be able to find one cache!

The other cache is GC244VZ - Virginia Independent City Challenge which basically has the same requirement but this time for the 38 independent cities in Virginia.

Once you meet the requirement, you email your proof to the CO and then they supply the final coordinates to the cache.

notice the 134/134 on the top bar
We have already asked the CO for the final coordinates so hopefully, soon, we will be able to knock out those two great challenges!  

While finishing those two I found two three others I might start working on; 1) GC24QBK Virginia Virtual Challenge, 2) GC39T9M Virginia Towns Challenge and 3) GC3D8MH Virginia Earthcache Challenge.


Please do no forget the page I have been updating: (look to the page list in the upper right of this page:  14th Annual GCHR PICNIC information.



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  1. Congratulations!

    Looks like you're almost finished with the Virginia DeLorme challenge as well (GCVYD4).

    The VA Towns challenge is one heck of a job to complete. There's a Project-GC tracker for it (I maintain it) that says you're at 68/149 right now.