Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Upcoming Events

So, for those that have not heard... I am officially retired.  On April 1, I retired, after 40 years of service to the federal government.  {Couldn't think of a better day to retire after 40 years than April Fool's Day!!!}  So I guess I am now a full-time geocacher.  Time to get this blog up and publishing all sorts of good geocaching information on a regular basis.

To start with, let's go over some of the local events that coming up.  

Thursday, Apr 14 - GC6EF1A – AACC event - 14 April 2016 - Held in Chesapeake from 4:15 – 5:45 PM
Saturday, Apr 16 - GC6E3M5 – Calvary Cemetery CITO – Held in Norfolk from 9 – 10:30AM
Note: You will earn a souvenir for attending this event!
Tuesday, Apr 19 - GC6D3W3 – 3rd Tuesday Burger & Beer GCHR: April 2016 - Held
in Portsmouth from 6 – 9PM
Note: We will have a guest speaker from the City of Hampton Mosquito Lab
Saturday, Apr 23 – GC6E3N8 – Magnolia Cemetery CITO – Held in South Norfolk from 9 – 10:30AM
Note: You will earn a souvenir for attending this event!
Saturday, May 7 – GC6EQ2J – Geodetic Control – Held just North of Elizabeth City from 10 – Noon

And of course, we cannot forget:
Sep 3 - 14th Annual GCHR Picnic. Held @ Newport News Park and is an ALL DAY EVENT!
Now those are all of the events that are published already.  I have heard of some others that MAY occur sometime late spring or summer that you may be interested in.
I am hearing that the False Cape Bike Event may come back in May or June.
I have also heard that Jim may host another Kayak event this year.
Well now that I am a full time geocacher, lets see if I can keep this blog publishing on a regular basis.

Till next time!!!
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!


  1. Congratulations on your Milestone Retirement! Thanks for publishing a very useful, and informative blog that even us yearlings can understand.

  2. Congratulations on your retirement, and thank you for your many years of service! Looking forward to seeing more SNAP!!! posts & travelogues.