Wednesday, December 24, 2014

End of the Year

With Christmas just one more day away and the end of the year fast approaching, it is time to look at those caches we have encountered this year and loved.  We loved them so much we awarded them the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award.  Having earned that award in the year 2014 means they are all illegible for the ultimate award we hand out, The "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Year Award!!!

Here are the caches in the running for the award this year:
GC32DG3 - You've Been Mugged - hidden by Oceandrive2004 - located in Alamance, NC
GC3N3Z3 - wild cat alley - hidden by bambie2 - located in Beaufort, NC
GC568W2 - THT01 GeoArt - hidden by ththider - located in Brunswick, VA
GC4XY5M - OGL 1.5 Mile Run - Gold Award! - hidden by Prytz+1 - located in Chesapeake,VA
GC1BKG5 - Pointless Roads #1 - hidden by nemisis83 - located in Chesterfield, VA
GC3RE6V - a mICRO iN tHE wOODS - hidden by altbiers - located in Chesterfield, VA
GC22V4X - SECRET AGENTS ONLY (MISSION 2) - hidden by MONTFAM - located in Currituck, NC
GCA8E - Great Big Rock - hidden by 9ingers - located in Forsyth, NC
GC2NA1G - Blast from the past. - hidden by firemanbrad - located in Fulton, GA
GC4Q2TG - Hiding From the Pandas - hidden by Team Slug Jr - located in Gloucester, VA
GCQ7E9 - Blanche's View - hidden by FeatheredFriends - located in Guilford, NC
GC4M9FD - Can't See the Lake From Here - hidden by 2CachingClowns - located in James City, VA
GC55KEH - Don't Let This Birdhouse Send You to the Nut House - hidden by Kemallor - located in Newport News, VA
GC5DV21 - JUMP - hidden by gigiwoll - located in Newport News, VA
GC592BP - Forest Lawn Memorial CITO - hidden by cameramoose - located in Norfolk, VA
GC5C50C - NHT:  I think you know my brother. - hidden by cameramoose - located in Norfolk, VA
GC5CVD9 - NHT:  Symbols of the Cemetery - hidden by cameramoose - located in Norfolk, VA
GC5ACT1 - Norfolk's Historic Triangle:  Yellow Fever, 1855 - hidden by cameramoose - located in Norfolk, VA
GC4XD7M - The Hermitage Gardens: A Walking Tour - hidden by Prytz+1 - located in Norfolk, VA
GC40F5B - This Old Magnolia (A geoFITguy 1K Cache) - hidden by Hunster - located in Pitt, NC
GC56X01 - Ammunition #9 - hidden by TheCuppFamily - located in Virginia Beach, VA
GC4MEY5 - Bamboozled - hidden by AllstarSS - located in Virginia Beach, VA
GC53ZA0 - Duck Duck Cache - hidden by Mikey2times - located in Virginia Beach, VA
GC54YTN - Just hang in there! - hidden by Lacey1961 - located in Virginia Beach, VA
GC31ZH7 - Something is Going on Here - hidden by vabikerider - located in Virginia Beach, VA
GC54205  - Lego My Signal - hidden by GoodSunCachers - located in York, VA
GC51B0N - Sometimes you feel like a nut - hidden by dowjr - located in York, VA
GC5ERPB - ST #61 The Final Frontier... I Mean... Cache - hidden by Kemallor - located in York, VA
GCNP18 - Turkey's Delight - hidden by 5 Lost Marbles - located in York, VA

During the last few days of the year Pam & I will be looking at each of these caches trying to whittle this list down to the top 3 and finally settling on one final cache.  We will announce the winner shortly.

As Always - - - Stay Safe & Keep Caching

Suffolk Nana & Papa


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